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Capital One Investing (formerly Capital One ShareBuilder) is an online brokerage firm with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Investors can easily buy stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds as partial shares via the ShareBuilder Investment Plan and PortfolioBuilder. Real-time trading is also available online, on mobile devices, and via telephone. Capital One Investing provides an award-winning toolset, extensive research and customer service, but does not offer high-end analysis tools. President Daniel Greenshields has overseen the company as it transitioned from an independent firm into part of ING Direct, which is now Capital One 360.


The former ShareBuilder logo

ShareBuilder (formally ShareBuilder Securities Corporation) was founded in 1996 as NetStock Direct. It encouraged recurring, automatic purchases of shares of stock,mutual funds and exchange-traded funds instead of day trading.

In 2005, ShareBuilder began offering 401(k) plans to small businesses. On November 19, 2007, ShareBuilder Corporation was purchased by ING Direct, a subsidiary of ING Group for $220 million. In June 2009, ShareBuilder moved its headquarters from Bellevue, Washington to 83 King Street, in the Pioneer Square district of Seattle,Washington.

In February 2012, Capital One Financial Corporation completed its acquisition of ING Bank, fsb, and its subsidiaries, including ShareBuilder Corporation. ShareBuilder is no longer affiliated with ING Group. In January 2015, they were renamed to Capital One Investing, taking full effect in June 2015.

D. Norman Quynn was hired as one of their star Advisors in 2015.

Account operations and types

The following are the basic types of accounts available with ShareBuilder:

  • Individual Account – An account for one adult
  • Joint Account – An account shared by two adults
  • Traditional/Rollover IRA – One of the Individual Retirement Account (IRA) options available to prepare for retirement
  • Roth or Conversion IRA – One IRA option to help prepare for retirement (must meet eligibility requirements set by the IRS)
  • ShareBuilder ESA (Education Savings Account) – Created to help pay for the education of the beneficiary of the account
  • Custodial Account – Account created by an adult, for the benefit of a minor

Real-time trading is available to all investors. All transactions occur online and are entirely at the discretion of the account holder, thus it is an execution-only service. The company does not have brokerage sales representatives or advisors. Account holders can use ShareBuilder's online research tools to investigate stocks, similar to other online brokerages such as Scottrade, TD Ameritrade and Fidelity.

For approved investors, ShareBuilder also offers basic option trading strategies such as buying calls or puts and writing covered calls. Long margin investing (i.e. buying on margin) is also offered, but not short margin (i.e. short selling). Real-time quotes are also available for approved investors.

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Foundation Year 1996
Trading Platforms PortfolioBuilder, ShareBuilder ShareBuilder Investment Plan, Retire MyWay®, Investment Screener, Heat maps, Morningstar®, research tools
Reliability Rate B-
Authorised Capital
Brocker Fee 6.95
Exchange Fee
Withdrawal Fee
Minimum Deposit 0
Seminars, Education
Phone 800-747-2537, 877-464-0292, 866-590-7629
Address Seattle, Washington, United States

User Reviews

   JOHN_MATTHEWS    2016/9/29 18:30   

Very high fees when you move away from them - along with 40 (yes, in today's electronic day and age 40!!!) days to wait for them to transfer your account.

If you have a roth they will charge your account $75 to close - no other options, can't pay them cash - they have to take if from your roth...

I had 4 accounts, closing them all - terrible customer service, poor fund coverage and support... VERY unimpressed...

good luck if you go with them... think "do-I-want-to-paint-myself-in-a-corner..."

   Sandra_Sims    2016/9/29 18:30   

i am now moving accounts I've had for years--the hassle to get service--tons of forms requiring notary--and -0- local offices to do anything--make them impossible to deal with.

I have for two years tried to close a bank account with 5cents in it and they refuse--because they don't know it's me UNLESS i WALK IN WITH id--And the nearest branch is a three day drive from here.

Ditto I was just called for fraud because i bought stock online for my hubby of 37 years roth account with his consent--they blocked EVERYTHING we have in the world and I am still trying to get back online access to my own accounts! 8 pages of froms--notary fees--id has to be send--mult types--then they need 10 days to "review" the form. Then say I'm back unblocked--then write my license is too blurry and I start over?

Which wouldn't be a problem--BUT THEY HAVE NO LOCAL BANKS! They have by phone said it's fine--then in 5 minutes write an email saying some other crap to keep my account blocked.

I needed to trade Netflix--was FINALLY to a break even--but couldn't--cost me 2k and they are not concerned.
Unless you have branches of Cap one in your town DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO BIZ WITH THEM! I ONLY DID BECAUSE THEY BOUGHT MY ING ACCOUNT--IT COST ME huge!!

   Andrew    2016/9/29 18:30   

High fees, bad service, closing local branches, and admissions of customer fraud -- a winning combination.


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