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Just2Trade Online Ltd is a financial company registered in Cyprus and provides its investment services according to the license, granted by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund. Cyprus is a long established reputable and tax efficient financial centre. Harmonization within the EU is now a fact: the EU Directives especially Market in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) have facilitated in progress. MiFID came into effect as from 1st November 2007 and sets forth a range of new requirements for the entire European financial sector with the aim of introducing a single European market in financial instruments. Its main goal is to promote the emergence of an efficient, transparent and integrated financial trading infrastructure, ensuring a higher degree of investor protection. The Directive contains measures that will change and improve the organization and functioning of investment firms, facilitating cross border trading, while creating strategic opportunities.

In addition, Cyprus has set up tax system which is ideally suited to both inbound and outbound EU investors:

  • low taxation (12.5% corporate tax rate is the lowest in EU)
  • extensive double tax treaties network
  • exemption from tax of capital gains on shares and securities
  • exemption from withholding tax on the repatriation of income including dividends, interests and royaltie
  • exemption from tax on dividends received, in some cases

Just2Trade Online Ltd provides customers with direct access to the major world stock and currency markets. The company has strong international presence. The clients of Just2Trade Online Ltd are both individuals and legal entities.

The business, banking, legal and accounting procedures are patterned after the best European standards, aiming to minimize investment risk and to maximize reliability and trust. Providing services on global stock markets the Company takes all necessary steps required by Law before entering into cooperation with any counterparty.

The headquarters of Just2Trade Online Ltd are located at the heart of Limassol's business district – the second largest town in Cyprus, nevertheless the most important tourist and commercial center and the largest harbor on the island.

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Foundation Year 1994
License CM13032/16
Trading Platforms MMA MetaTrader 5, TradeX, MMA-Mobile
Reliability Rate B
Authorised Capital
Brocker Fee 2.50
Exchange Fee
Withdrawal Fee
Minimum Deposit 2500
Mobile Trading
Phone +357 25 344 563
Address 10 Chrysanthou Mylona, MAGNUM HOUSE, 3030 Limassol, Cyprus
Website https://just2trade.online/

User Reviews

   NickM    2016/9/30 09:36   

Great platform- I've am not a regular trader and was recommended to the platform by a friend. I opened an account with Just2trade and found it a fairly easy process ( I'm living in the UK) They opened my account within a few days and to date i have not faced any issues, in fact the system is very easy to use with a user friendly simple interface for easier stock trading

   Dima    2016/9/30 09:36   

As I understand, as of last year they are under the new ownership and management. Since then I noticed different trading platforms, apps, support being launched for the same 2.50$ per trade commission.

   benson    2016/9/30 09:36   

Please think if you already use and plan to use this platform:

their platform not able to automatic calculation of consolidation share on real time automatically, as result all risk to user on the same day of share reduction trading, strong advise not to use this platform and they take no responsibility when their system failure to make share reduction on real time. because of this it causing me over sold :( and make me totally broke lose all my money

strong advise not to use this platform, like been cheated, with their stupid trading platform and no responsible for their platform when you call up to resolve problem that cause by their system

Advise, who are plan or still using this platform...pls do think carefully.

   Ken    2016/9/30 09:36   

I was a customer at Just2Trade for 4 years. I never had cause to complain until the past couple of months. In December, there was a whole day in which no option trades could be placed at all. On submission of an option order, the website would hang and then time out after 30 seconds. No explanation or status update was posted on their website. I later found out that the problem was due to a new data feed that they had changed to.

Then in mid-January, there was an outage where no positions could be opened for 2 whole days. Attempts to open a position resulted in the error "[] Account is restricted - cannot open position (-55)". Calls to customer service were unfruitful. The reps didn't know what the problem was and when it might be resolved. At least, this time there was a post about the outage on their website. No compensation was ever offered to me.

From the website, clients can also chat with customer service, but the person manning the chat line now only responds to the first question and then simply ignores any followup questions. He doesn't say good-bye or disconnect or anything. I have never seen any customer service rep behave that way before.

One more quibble, albeit minor. For people with IRAs, there is a $35 annual fee that is reimbursed for accounts with over $25k in assets. The fee is assessed by their clearing company on November each year, but the reimbursement doesn't come through until February.

I have now transferred all my accounts out to other brokerages. My advice is to stay away from these jokers.

Jim    2016/9/30 09:36
Yes, I have experienced similar issues in the past couple of months-I've been with J2T for more than 4 years and no issues until around last December. I experienced the same issue with customer rep, very rude! Just today as I tried to log in I was prompted that WhoTrades has acquired LowTrades and Just2Trade and will service all accounts with no change in fees or any other conditions, so I'll stick for a few months to see how that goes.

   Pieter    2016/9/30 09:36   

My experience was not very good. I found it very difficult to deposit and extremely difficult to withdraw funds from them. They never seems to give a straight answer and getting your own money from them was like pulling teeth. Making a trade was also difficult. They made me very skeptical and I would be weary about putting funds with this company. When I tried to cancel my account and get my money out they cancelled my withdrawal from them to my bank. They also refused to do a wire transfer saying they can not do wire transfers. To date I still have not received me ACH withdrawal. It just seem to always be held up. Think twice

   @RBE77    2016/9/30 09:36   

Hi, to the customers that have an account with Just2Trade, just was wondering if the FINRA situation was already settled or not.... are they in risk of being closed or not? I´m considering them because it´s just one of the few with low commisions that accept international clients. I only need them to open a ETF trade per month. Thanks.

Subu    2016/9/30 09:36
/////////just was wondering if the FINRA situation was already settled or not.... are they in risk of being closed or not? ////////// I have the same questions ... I am an existing customer with an account over last three years. i have NOT faced any problem with telephone support or order fill ... e mail replies are in approx 24 to 36 hours so I call over phone if something more urgent is needed my main question is about the broker and the main broker - legent trading / cor securities thanks in advance for your replies

tomas    2016/9/30 09:36
I have the same questions ...

   @RBE77    2016/9/30 09:36   

Also i´d like to know if anyone that already have an account with them for some time already attempted to do a withdrawal and if it had any issues with it... thanks.

   nathank    2016/9/30 09:36   

Opened an account with an Australian address, in the name of a family trust. Our local brokers here charge $40USD per trade on US equities!!! Not a lot of brokers allow foreign accounts, let alone australian (due to tax arrangements) and a family trust on top of that!

I did have the experience of it taking 10days to open the account, that was a bit brutal. But hey, they've so far been ok.

i'm more worried that they will bugger off with my cash and securities!

Subu    2016/9/30 09:36
hi Nathan are you still a customer ? Would love to know your 1 year + experience thanks subu

   Ghassan    2016/9/30 09:36   

I've opened an account with Just2trade and I'm living outside USA and don't have USA nationality.

They opened my account within 4 days.

I didn't face any issue with my account balance.

I do like their simple interface for stock trading.

I 'm strongly recommend Just2trade for serious investors.

   TraderTJF    2016/9/30 09:36   

Penson had issues with it's CEO using the money to buy a Race Track. Nite Trade Mark almost went BK if not for the money BlackRock's unit added to buy up most of NIte's shares.

I checked with the SIPC and my securities are backed by $25,000,000 in protection. Gerald Celente (Trend's Watch Finance Guru) was hammered with M.F. Global and could not get his money out for a while. I remember the CME had to make good on Refco's blow-up! You have legitimate concerns, I have faith in the SIPC and the USA Government's SEC unit to conduct business and check out any issues. I have had no problems with Just2Trade other than "Maxxim" and "UBS Bank" issue of not cancelling my order fast enough.

The World is full of uncertainty, you being a stock investor know nothing is certain in life. The SIPC and SEC are not stupid, they are not going to allow him to walk away with our money knowing full well, the SIPC will end up footing the bill. Thank you for your advice and concern, who are you trading with right now?

Subu    2016/9/30 09:36
you seem to be quite informed of brokers and stuff i do NOT have client support issues with just2trade, i only have a fear of their continuity / business continuity after the FINRA case what would you suggest ? thanks in advance for your replies regards subu

   whotrades    2016/12/08 13:55   

On the surface, it is easy to understand what Just2Trade is trying to accomplish: being the dream broker. The homepage claims Just2Trade offers everything from first-class research to great support, premier education and award-winning discounted trading. Unfortunately, looks are deceiving. While Just2Trade does offer cheap trades, everything else about the client experience suffers, and in the end, clients are better off investing elsewhere.

   USSR12    2017/1/13 14:52   

The broker steals money from my account from time to time. When you are clearing through the night if the amount is negative they take some money, and if it is positive, they can either take money or not. I've contacted their support team but there were not results.


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