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Barclays Stockbrokers was established in 1986 and is part of Barclays Bank Group. Barclays is a major global financial services provider with over 300 years of history and expertise. Barclays Stockbrokers wants to give its clients the edge with the products, tools and information to help them become more successful investors. Many clients are unaware that the trading price of a stock will vary between different market makers. The trading power it has as one of the UK’s leading execution-only stockbroker means it gives its clients the best price possible every time they trade, making their money stretch further.

Barclays Stockbrokers Price Improver® is the way of delivering the best price available when a client place a trade. The company has the expertise and relationships that enable it to scan the markets for the most competitive price on UK equities, every time clients trade. WThe broker offers its clients access to a wide range of investments including funds, equities, gilts and bonds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and more.

It also provides its clients with industry-leading research and competitive pricing to help them invest with confidence. The range of account types allows investors to maximise their tax allowances and the returns from their investments.

Barclays Stockbrokers has won prestigious awards over the years including: MoneyAM Award 2013 for Best Online Execution-only Service, Best Execution-only Broker from 2012 Shares Awards and Investors Chronicle Magazine Best Broker for Frequent Traders 2011.

Barclays understands the importance of charitable giving and take pride in supporting the communities where it lives and works. The company is also committed to making a difference to various other causes worldwide and helping deserving charities achieve their goals.

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Foundation Year 2003
License FSA UK (#124247, #119184, #139258)
Trading Platforms Barclays web trading platform, Barclays CFDs, Barclays Financial Spread Trading, International Trader, Covered Warrants, BARXdirect Equities, Turbos
Reliability Rate ААА+
Authorised Capital
Brocker Fee
Exchange Fee
Withdrawal Fee
Minimum Deposit 2500
Mobile Trading
Phone 0800 279 6551
Address Tay House 300 Bath Street Glasgow, G2 4LH United Kingdom

User Reviews

   David    2016/9/19 11:20   

I have demo'd this software and it is the best I have encountered. It's rich with features from fantastic news coverage to alerts to things I had never even thought of. Furthermore, it's a real bank. If you watch football (soccer) you would have heard of the Barclays Premier League.
Well this is that Barclays. A real bank with branches all over England.
I am looking forward to putting some money with them.
Their website is very large with pages and pages of info on all sorts of things and the FX Trading took some finding.
I only found this site because I was trialing new charting software and an option for data was Barclays. That led me on a search that after some time ended with me locating their FX Trading pages.

   alec_law    2016/9/19 11:20   

Hi There,
I want to upgrade the review I left last month regarding Barclays Stockbrokers - BARX.
This week I had a real technical problem with my PC "freezing" before and during trades. Fortunately I always place a 35 pip stop loss, so there was no real panic - but I lost some real nice profits. My PC provider and Internet provider assured me that my systems were 100% OK, so I called BARX several times blaming their platform.
It's the first technical problem I've had in 3 months demo and 2 months live trading the platform.
They were unbelievably helpful - especially as I'm a bit of a technophobe. They didn't let the problem go, and always picked up the phone within 3 rings, returned all my e-mails immediately and called me back several times until the problem was fixed - and e-mailed me to double check!
Turns out it was all my fault - I wasn't running the latest .Net software. I sincerely apologise to them for being such a prat.
This level of customer support is unheard of these days in my experience..
So, if you want a great trading experience give them a try.
Oh, and for the guy who's worried about the references to scalping and arbitrage in their T and Cs, I had a very long conversation with them today. Arbitrage is a highly technical proceedure carried out by major financial players to make large amounts of very small gains by split second inter-bank trading. It is entirely irrelevent for the purposes of their retail offering. And they love scalpers - the more trades you make the more profit they earn, and the more they can invest in improving their operation, and training / support. So, no problems there.
Pros: UK Based, FSA regulated AA rated bank. Great back up and customer service. Good charting package with most indicators. Fast order execution with minimal slippage.
Cons: System still being developed so certain features still not available, i.e. trailing stop loss, OCO facility - expected shortly. Minimum lot size

   Daniel_G    2016/9/19 11:20   

I have tried the DEMO platform and it is the worst I have come across.
It is very difficult to understand, and has very poor design ergonomics, to top it up it doesn't even fit into a screen with 1024x768 resolution.
Additionally the platform keeps coming up with technical errors, which hampers down your confidence with the broker.
All this is a shame as Barclays is one of the biggest liquidity providers in Forex.

   manneke    2016/9/19 11:20   

good spreads and very good customer service,execution is not instantenious ,takes 2 sec to get confirmaton, slippage can be controled but happens a lot when market is volatile

   Dick    2016/12/12 14:08   

Im financial ruiened by this barclays stockbrokers ,im in miserie they recomend and open an online account and i did not knew anything about financials or how they oprate the account put in available to invest , and at one point 3 times over for 9 months we lost 180 .000 all our money because of this guys advise and greed when i asked to remove the available to invest they refused it but when i lost everything they removed , and the rules says you only have aviailable to invest if you sign a direct debit, i did not sign it but still they put in thye avilable to invest ,Was to good to make 40 pounds after 3 days plus interests ,nasty peoples no m,atter how many complains i made come to nothing .I spoke to FSA and urge everybody to do dresame looks like the FSA is not aware of many of their activities .

   Jack    2017/5/02 15:12   

barclays share dealing has good products, competitive pricing.. i've made a killing in recent months.


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