FinecoBank is UniCredit Group’s direct multichannel bank offering a business model combining direct banking and financial advice.


In 1999 Fineco SIM (Società di intermediazione mobiliare), one of the most active SIM in the Italian market, launches the first online trading retail service in Italy. At the end of 1999 Fineco became a real bank and launched the first current account paid in Italy. In the following months the service was transformed from deposit accounts to full accounts, with payment cards, checks, phone cards.

Between 1999 and 2001 Fineco grows from zero to 250,000 customers and became the leader of online trading in Europe (Assosim) and maintains its leadership as a direct bank (by number of customers, operations performed, customer satisfaction, transparency).

In 2001, the offer Fineco includes all the services of the bank, two networks of financial advisors and mortgage leadership position in online trading.

From 2003 to 2007 Fineco is part of the Capitalia Group. In these years, the offer is completed and continues the process of innovation in all areas (banks, investments and trading) that attaches increasing importance to quality and customer service.

From 1 October 2007, following the merger into UniCredit SpA Capitalia SpA, Fineco became a society of the Unicredit Group.

On 7 July 2008 the Bank merged with Unicredit Xelion FinecoBank.

From March 2016 Fineco started issuing Visa Debit cards in Italy, being the first Italian bank to do so. All new customers (and existing cardholders upon expiration of existing V PAY cards) will get a Visa Debit card co-branded with the national Bancomat network, allowing customers to use their debit card online, similarly to other European countries.



  • Global Finance Award 2013: The Global Finance Award 2013 awarded as the best bank Fineco live in Italy and best platform for investment in Europe.
  • is the Best and Most Popular Website of the Year in Italy (Finance category).
  • Award WWW Il Sole 24 Ore, Fineco App is the Best Application of the Finance category in Italy.


  • is the Best and Most Popular Website of the Year in Italy (Finance category).
  • Award Fee Only: Fineco is "Best Broker" (Consultique)
  • Italian Certificate Awards, FinecoBank won first prize in the category "Best Online Broker" and the second prize in the category "Best Private Distribution."
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Foundation Year 1999
Trading Platforms Fineco Mobile, PowerDesk, Web Trading, Stock Screener, Logos
Reliability Rate AAA
Authorised Capital
Brocker Fee
Exchange Fee
Withdrawal Fee
Minimum Deposit 100
Mobile Trading
Seminars, Education
Phone 800-52-52-52

User Reviews

   Roby6one    2016/9/16 15:59   

I'm not an expert trader. I use fineco but its somewhat expensive (3 pips for eur/usd). Using it until I can find a better broker.    2016/9/16 15:59   

Fineco promise a slippage of 3 pips but often it is much wider. Very often the system does not work...

   Gats    2016/9/16 15:59   

Hi guys,
I strongly suggest to avoid fineco.
Fineco is not still ready (from a software point of view) to put on the forex market.
The software is really bad (I am a senior programmer with experience in trading software).
The problem in Italy is that nobody offers a demo account.
Using fineco software during a scalping session the "close" button of the open positions disappeared, once an entire position disappered from the portfolio.
Another strong problem is that fineco software (PowerDesk2) doesnt support multiple orders for single currency pairs and if you click more than once the close button (for every exceding click) automatically it opens inverse orders.
Please avoid it absolutely, especially if you have already spent a lot of your time making training in other very good platforms like FXCM (just to make an example).

   zenfx    2016/9/16 15:59   

A V O I D this broker, they simply stole your money. During their night marker closures they move prices over 200 pips to catch your automatic stoploss.

   luxk    2016/9/16 15:59   

AVOID works when it works....:-((...I had enough!!!
What if, you want to close a position, but you cannot 'cause of their bad software platform? the loss is yours
Also, they promise 3 pips spread, but many times is 5-6 pips.
Sometimes the balance is well

   PipS    2016/9/16 15:59   

Avoid Fineco, their forex platform is dangerous:
no trailing stops; the stop loss is set automatically by the platform system at 1% and the stop loss level cannot be modified (stop loss triggering is assured here); closing orders freezing while your loss increases or your profits vanish.
Simply crazy!! stay away

   Jepster03    2016/9/16 15:59   

I started trading with them only because I wanted an Italian broker to avoid foreign tax management.
No, they don't scam. BUT..
High spread, free platform really basic (I used it only to open and close orders, for graphics I used a MT4 with the most similar data streaming) and, most important, absurd operative limitations as mentioned above.
I add:
- difference between intraday/multiday orders,intraday with automatic SL 0.5% (you can add lower SL and TP), multiday with automatic SL 1%, SL/TP NOT AVAILABLE!!
- It's not possible opening or managing open orders during the night!!
- High latency = relevant slippage. Sometimes it was positive for me
- Fast but non competent support
IMHO good only for scalping or intraday, paying really high attention to every minimal variation. (By the way, I was laying on my bed with a broken leg so this wasn't a problem).
They're a bank (a really good online bank) and Forex is probably not enough interesting for them.
Well, after some months of tough and dangerous training with them, now I can be consistently proficient (and more relaxed) with a serious ECN foreign broker

   Federico    2016/9/16 15:59   

Very trustable (it'a a very good online bank) and with 1% automatic SL for your safety.
Clever Leverage of max 50:1 for Multiday and 100:1 for intraday trading.
Poor owner Platform (i use MT5 for graphs and insert orders on it site)
They turn off servers at 2 AM and reopen at 6:15 AM European central time GMT+1, so u can't insert orders in this time lapse but your previously orders are still active.
Pretty high fixed spreads (eurusd 3 pips) but reliable and no slippage (of course not mention "black swan" or high volatility like every broker)

   Dick    2017/2/01 13:33   

This broker is good for those who live in Italy


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