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Crude Oil Price Chart Flashing Early Bearish Reversal Warning

2019/4/24 08:05 Source
Crude oil prices may turn lower if early technical clues pointing to ebbing upside momentum find a complimentary catalyst in incoming earnings reports.

AUD/USD Technical Analysis: Key Trend Support Under Fire

2019/4/24 05:05 Source
The Australian Dollar is threatening a break of near-term chart support, setting the stage for what may be a trend-defining breakdown resuming last year’s dramatic selloff.

US Dollar Price Action Setups in EUR/USD, GBP/USD and AUD/USD

2019/4/23 22:06 Source
The US Dollar has finally scaled-up to a fresh yearly high. But buying pressure dried-up soon after: Can Dollar bulls continue to drive to higher-highs?

Lessons for Traders On Extreme Volatility from 2017 and the Summer of 2014

2019/4/23 01:05 Source
Despite jolts of volatility for financial markets in 2018, fear of further distress has all but vanished through 2019’s open. Sinking to extreme lows once again, what can we learn from the history of volatility to prepare for the future?

US-China Trade War: Intellectual Property at Heart of Dispute

2019/4/22 17:05 Source
Intellectual Property, or IP, is at the center of the trade dispute between the US and China. Read here to find out what the key issues are and why they matter for financial market traders.

Canadian Dollar Up with Oil on Fears US to End Iran Trade Waivers

2019/4/22 11:05 Source
The Canadian Dollar rose alongside crude oil prices amid reports the US would not renew sanction waivers on trade with Iran. Financial markets looked on fearfully.

Crude Oil Prices Surge, Markets Shudder as US Ends Iran Waivers

2019/4/22 08:05 Source
Crude oil prices jumped to a 6-month high and financial markets turned broadly defensive amid reports that the US will end Iran oil import waivers next month.

US Dollar May Rise on Haven Flows as Markets Turn Defensive

2019/4/21 10:05 Source
The US Dollar may rise, buoyed by haven-seeking capital flows as financial markets bombarded with evidence of slowing global growth unwind exposure to risky assets.

US Dollar Weekly Technical Outlook: Big Test of Resistance Nearing

2019/4/21 10:05 Source
The US Dollar Index remains confined within a big-picture wedge, a test of the top of this pattern is just on the horizon…

US Dollar May Rise on Haven Flows as Markets Turn Defensive

2019/4/20 10:05 Source
The US Dollar may rise, buoyed by haven-seeking capital flows as financial markets bombarded with evidence of slowing global growth unwind exposure to risky assets.

US Dollar Weekly Technical Outlook: Big Test of Resistance Nearing

2019/4/20 10:05 Source
The US Dollar Index remains confined within a big-picture wedge, a test of the top of this pattern is just on the horizon…

US-China Trade War: Intellectual Property at Heart of Dispute

2019/4/19 20:06 Source
Intellectual Property, or IP, is at the center of the trade dispute between the US and China. Read here to find out what the key issues are and why they matter for financial market traders.

A Brief History of Major Financial Bubbles, Crises, and Flash-crashes

2019/4/19 15:05 Source
There's a rich history of financial bubbles and manias, varying in scale and economic impact. Read about major market bubbles and flash crashes all traders should know.

Crude Oil Price May Recoil at Chart Barrier as Market Mood Sours

2019/4/18 08:05 Source
Crude oil prices may recoil downward after stalling at chart resistance as a defensive tone prevails across global financial markets, weighing on sentiment-geared assets.

Krona, Krone Rise on China GDP - Nordics Eyeing Eurozone CPI Data

2019/4/17 10:05 Source
The Swedish Krona and Norwegian Krone jumped on better-than-expected Chinese GDP, with NOK and SEK now turning to Eurozone CPI data and a speech from Germany’s finance minister.

Netflix Stock Price Slides After Earnings, S&P 500 Sentiment Dented

2019/4/17 01:05 Source
FAANG member Netflix slid in after-hours trading on Tuesday after the company revealed sturdy financial results accompanied by a softer outlook than analysts had expected.

Trading Sentiment Turning Less Positive | Webinar

2019/4/16 16:05 Source
Sentiment in the financial markets remains constructive but prices are currently consolidating as traders consider whether to continue to increase their long positions in riskier assets.

S&P 500 Outlook: Bank Earnings Mixed Ahead of Tuesday’s Reports

2019/4/15 19:05 Source
Financials will continue to see heightened influence over the S&P 500 and Dow Jones this week as earnings season progresses. Thus far, performances have been split.

Weekly Technical Forecast: A EURUSD Reversal, USDJPY Break and S&P 500 Near Record, But Momentum?

2019/4/15 16:05 Source
There were a range of impressive technical moves this past week across the markets. Will we find momentum to supplant the tentative breaks and reversals already secured?

Weekly Technical Forecast: A EURUSD Reversal, USDJPY Break and S&P 500 Near Record, But Momentum?

2019/4/14 19:05 Source
There were a range of impressive technical moves this past week across the markets. Will we find momentum to supplant the tentative breaks and reversals already secured?

How to Create a Trading Plan in 7 Steps

2019/4/14 16:05 Source
A trading plan provides the framework for disciplined and successful trading. Find out what a trading plan is and how to make one.

GBP Technical Analysis: GBP/USD Pushes Towards Triangle Resistance

2019/4/12 17:05 Source
It's been a quiet start to Q2 after a riveting finishing to Q1 for the British Pound, and GBPUSD is working deeper within a descending triangle formation.

Yen May Gain as S&P 500 Turns Lower with Growth Fears in Focus

2019/4/12 04:05 Source
The anti-risk Japanese Yen may rise alongside the US Dollar while the bellwether S&P 500 stock index falls with global slowdown fears in focus for financial markets.

USD is King in Low Currency Volatility Environment, Gold Drops Below Support - US Market Open

2019/4/11 17:05 Source
USD finds support amid the compelling carry under low volatility environments. Investors eye slew of Fed speakers.

S&P 500 Outlook: Investors on Edge Ahead of Earning Season

2019/4/11 14:05 Source
Volatility may return as investors focus on the upcoming earning season with financial names set to report.

S&P 500 and VIX Belie Financial Risks Even the IMF is Telegraphing

2019/4/11 05:05 Source
The IMF followed its downgrade on growth forecasts with a warning over a list of financial threats moving forward. Markets seemed to pay the concern little head, but how should you as a trader account for the risks?

IMF Strikes Cautionary Tone in Latest Global Financial Stability Report

2019/4/11 02:05 Source
The International Monetary Fund just published its Global Financial Stability Report update which noted several escalating risks that threaten the global markets and financial system.

DAX 30, S&P 500 Reversal Look to ECB, FOMC Minutes as Stocks Fall

2019/4/10 08:05 Source
An S&P 500 and DAX 30 bearish reversal comes into the spotlight on the ECB rate decision and FOMC minutes after Asia equities declined, extending the downturn in financial markets.

S&P 500 Breaks Most Consistent Bull Trend in 15 Years, Ready for EURGBP Shock

2019/4/10 06:05 Source
The IMF delivered a further downgrade to its growth forecast and refreshed its list of concerns over financial risks. The occasion earned the S&P its first slip in 9 trading days, but is a more charged reversal in store?

AUD/USD Technical Analysis: Triangle Setup May Set Stage for Drop

2019/4/09 06:05 Source
Australian Dollar technical positioning continues to argue for a bearish bias despite the currency’s recent struggle to find lasting directional conviction.

AUDUSD April Range in Focus Ahead of RBA Financial Stability Review

2019/4/08 23:06 Source
The April opening range is in focus for AUD/USD as the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) prepares to release the semi-annual Financial Stability Review (FSR).

US Dollar Weekly Technical Forecast: Can USD Bulls Post a Breakout?

2019/4/06 19:05 Source
US Dollar strength has held into Q2, and the ascending triangle continues to highlight USD’s longer-term congestion. Is this the week that USD bulls finally make push?

Charts to Watch: AUDUSD at Trend Resistance, AUDJPY Range

2019/4/04 12:05 Source
AUDUSD is back at a familiar area of trend resistance, needs to hold below to stay bearish, while AUDJPY nears the top of a well-defined trading range.

British Pound Q2 Forecast: Sterling’s Future Defined by Brexit Outcome

2019/4/03 02:05 Source
Nearly three years after the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU), the situation is no clearer than it was on day one – but that could change in the second quarter.

Sterling Price Outlook: Pound at Key Support as Brexit Saga Continues

2019/4/02 20:05 Source
Sterling is trading within the confines of a near-term consolidation pattern just above key support. Here are the levels that matter on the GBP/USD charts this week.

GBPUSD Eyes Support as UK Parliament Rejects Brexit Alternatives

2019/4/02 01:05 Source
GBP/USD tumbled towards trend-defining support as the UK Parliament voted again to reject all Brexit alternatives, increasing the risk of a ‘no deal’ divorce with the European Union.

Weekly Equity Outlook: Dow Jones Eyes Breakout, FTSE 100 in Brexit Limbo

2019/3/31 08:05 Source
The Dow Jones and FTSE 100 posted impressive gains over the final week of the first quarter, but where are the US and UK equity markets heading next?

US Dollar May Rise as Sentiment Succumbs to Potent Headwinds

2019/3/30 14:05 Source
The US Dollar may rise, spurned on by haven-seeking capital flows as risk appetite finally succumbs to a broad assortment of potent headwinds.

Q2 Themes: USD Triangle, EURUSD Range, Risk Aversion in Stocks, Yen

2019/3/29 16:05 Source
This is the final day of Q1 trade and it's been an eventful quarter across the landscape. But will Q2 bring a return of Q4's risk aversion, or will the Q1 risk-on mode hold into mid-year?

Canadian Dollar Price Outlook: USD/CAD- Break or Bend, Monthly Highs

2019/3/28 21:05 Source
Loonie is virtually unchanged on the week with price posting well-defined opening-range just below resistance. Here are the levels that matter on the USD/CAD charts.

Top 5 FX Events: Final Q4’18 US GDP & USDJPY Price Outlook

2019/3/28 15:05 Source
Consensus forecasts call for Q4’18 US GDP to come in at 2.4% annualized.

Gold Price and Yen to Benefit if Market Sentiment Deteriorates Further

2019/3/28 14:05 Source
Safe havens like gold, the Japanese Yen, US Treasuries and Bunds could prove attractive if confidence in the financial markets continues to ebb.

Will GBP Rally Resume With PM Theresa May’s Resignation Offer?

2019/3/27 23:05 Source
Theresa May is said to step down from her position as UK's Prime Minister to get her Brexit deal across Parliament's finish line. The news could provide clarity to the previously-clouded path to Brexit and help push the British Pound higher.

Brexit Votes May Distract From Global Slowdown Worries

2019/3/27 13:05 Source
Financial markets may be distracted from worries about a slowdown in global economic growth as traders eye another round of votes shaping the trajectory of Brexit.

Dow’s Biggest Bullish Gap in 2 Months Holds Little Promise, Euro Sinks EURUSD

2019/3/27 06:05 Source
A hefty gap higher followed by absolutely no follow through: the performance from the benchmark US equity index is a remarkable stand in for the sentiment conducting the pace of sentiment across the financial system.

Trading Forecast for NZDUSD, CADJPY, Gold Price & More

2019/3/26 15:05 Source
Today, we looked at a few charts of interest, with important levels undergoing test in a couple of pairs while gold continues to trade neatly within the confines of a channel.

FTSE Technical Analysis – Backdrop Weakens, but Still in Channel

2019/3/26 12:05 Source
The FTSE took a hit the other day but is still trading within the confines of the bullish channel off the December low.

Why Does the US Yield Curve Inversion Matter?

2019/3/25 22:05 Source
With US equity markets recently under pressure, financial news media have pointed to movement in the bond market as the key catalyst.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Risk Trends Shudder as the Market Processes Growth Fears and Monetary Policy Shortcomings

2019/3/25 16:05 Source
Risk appetite has been a primary feature of the market’s landscape throughout 2019 thus far. However, this speculative charge seemed to find its traction in hope.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Risk Trends Shudder as the Market Processes Growth Fears and Monetary Policy Shortcomings

2019/3/24 19:05 Source
Risk appetite has been a primary feature of the market’s landscape throughout 2019 thus far. However, this speculative charge seemed to find its traction in hope – hope that trade wars were easing, central banks would raise support and growth would level out. Those hopes are wavering and so too is confidence.

Top 5 FX Events: Final Q4’18 US GDP & USDJPY Price Outlook

2019/3/23 02:05 Source
Consensus forecasts call for Q4’18 US GDP to come in at 2.4% annualized.

Crude Oil Price Forecast: Evening Star Prints as $60 Breakout Fails

2019/3/23 00:05 Source
The bullish 2019 trend in Oil prices finally found some resistance this week at the $60-handle, at which point a bearish formation printed. But will buyers completely step back ahead of the Q2 open?

Forex Setups for the Week of March 25, 2019

2019/3/22 22:05 Source
It was a climactic week across global markets and the final week of Q1 awaits. Will risk aversion continue after a generally upbeat start to 2019?

Dovish FOMC, BoE Rate Decision, Euro Finds a Bid - US Market Open

2019/3/21 15:05 Source
The US dollar is on the backfoot after last night’s dovish FOMC pulled the rug from under the greenback. Coming up, the Bank of England’s latest policy decision will be confined by ongoing Brexit chaos.

S&P 500 Outlook: Index Sentiment, Financials Await Fed Decision

2019/3/19 22:06 Source
The Federal Open Market Committee will offer its interest rate decision and policy outlook Wednesday, which could have serious implications for the S&P 500.

EURUSD Price Finding Upside Difficult After Latest ZEW Data

2019/3/19 14:05 Source
The Euro remained under downside pressure after the latest German and Euro-Zone ZEW data pointed to continued weakness.

Crude Oil Price Recovery May Be Running Out of Steam

2019/3/19 09:05 Source
Crude oil prices may turn lower if technical signs of ebbing upside momentum find follow-through. API inventory flow data is on tap ahead.

Weekly Technical Forecast: EURUSD, Dow and Crude Look for Breakouts with Legs

2019/3/18 17:06 Source
The benchmarks of the financial market have clearly run the extent of the easy recovery from the fourth quarter tumble.

Yen and US Dollar at Risk, GBP/USD May Be Topping

2019/3/18 12:05 Source
The anti-risk Yen and US Dollar may be vulnerable as sentiment firms across financial markets. GBP/USD technical positioning hints a top may be taking shape.

EUR/USD Technical Analysis: Euro Down Trend Expected to Resume

2019/3/18 05:05 Source
The Euro is back at trend-defining resistance against the US Dollar, with near-term chart positioning hinting that downside resumption is the likely path forward.

Weekly Technical Forecast: EURUSD, Dow and Crude Look for Breakouts with Legs

2019/3/17 20:05 Source
The benchmarks of the financial market have clearly run the extent of the easy recovery from the fourth quarter tumble. With the likes of the Dow sticking at resistance, EURUSD carving an increasingly narrow range and crude oil prices failing to gain traction on their own bullish break; markets are now looking for commitment.

GBPUSD Steady After Stellar Week, EURUSD Rise Capped - US Market Open

2019/3/15 17:05 Source
GBPUSD not out of the woods yet, despite strong week. Euro finds support above 1.13, however, option expiries cap further upside.

Charts for Next Week: EURUSD, AUDJPY, Gold Price & More

2019/3/15 14:05 Source
The Euro is rallying into trend resistance, AUDJPY range becoming more defined, gold at risk of another round of weakness in the days ahead...

FX Price Action Setups in EURUSD, USDJPY and USDCNH

2019/3/14 23:05 Source
The US Dollar has finally found some element of support after a four-day pullback showed up following a test of a big resistance level last week at 97.71.

Finalized Elliott Wave Triangle Opens the Door for Bullish NZD/USD Run

2019/3/14 18:05 Source
We can count a finalized triangle from the March 7 low in NZDUSD. The price action since adds another building block to the bullish pattern.

EURUSD Climb in Question as US Dollar Drop Finds Fibonacci Support

2019/3/14 17:05 Source
The US Dollar's four-day decline has found some element of support at a key level. But will buyers be able to re-test the yearly high that rebuked bulls last week?

Brexit Latest: MPs Propose Vote to Wrest Control From May

2019/3/14 16:05 Source
In another twist in the Brexit saga, British Members of Parliament have tabled a proposal to find a solution that would command majority support.

Neither S&P 500 Nor GBPUSD Will Find Breakouts Easy to Support

2019/3/14 07:05 Source
Breakout hopes are high in the markets as we head into the second half of the week. While most assets are still forming some measure of range, the S&P 500 and GBPUSD have staged at resistance while Crude has actually climbed above its ceiling.

British Pound Price Outlook: Brexit Game Plan Targets Sterling Range

2019/3/12 21:05 Source
Sterling is trading within a well-defined price range ahead of key Brexit negotiations. Here are the targets & invalidation levels that matter on the GBP/USD charts.

Trading the 24-Hour Forex Market

2019/3/12 16:05 Source
How does the forex market trade 24 hours a day? Find out here from the experts.

S&P 500 Outlook: US CPI to Guide Index, Financials May Lead

2019/3/11 23:05 Source
The S&P 500 will look to Tuesday’s release of US CPI. A higher than expected figure could prove burdensome for the index.

Weekly Fundamental Forecast: Weekly Trading Forecast: Will Risk Trends Overwhelm Central Banks?

2019/3/10 19:05 Source
It was difficult to miss the shudder in confidence from the financial markets this past week. Benchmarks like the EURUSD and Dow lurched lower as the headlines painted a backdrop of a troubled global growth outlook and the additional help offered up by central banks (like the ECB) was written off. Sentiment will be our principal focus, but keep tuned to Brexit.

US Dollar Likely to Find Excuse for Gains in Jobs Report

2019/3/08 11:05 Source
The US Dollar seems likely to find an excuse for further gains in February’s US employment data while sentiment trends set the tone elsewhere in the G10 FX space.

US Jobs Data May Validate Bearish Crude Oil Price Chart Setup

2019/3/08 06:05 Source
Crude oil prices have struggled to make good on technical signs of topping but incoming US jobs data may finally validate the setup.

US Household Net Worth Collapses by Nearly $4 Trillion

2019/3/07 22:05 Source
US Household Net Worth falls by most since the financial crisis to $104.3 Trillion at the end of 2018.

EURUSD, EURJPY: Euro Drops as ECB Announces Fresh Round of TLTRO’s

2019/3/07 18:05 Source
The European Central Bank announced a fresh round of TLTRO's this morning, and the Euro is dropping. But - can sellers finally break the three-month range in EURUSD?

ECB Meeting Preview: EUR Price to Rise if There is no Mention of TLTROs

2019/3/07 12:05 Source
Markets are poised for the ECB to signal a new round of Targeted Longer-Term Refinancing Operations. That means the risk is tilted towards a higher Euro if there is no reference to them.

Euro, Yen and Aussie Dollar May All Find Fuel in ECB Rate Decision

2019/3/07 11:05 Source
The impact of an ECB policy call setting the stage for more stimulus might reach past the Euro to broader sentiment trends, driving Yen and Australian Dollar volatility.

US Dollar Launches Bold Push Against SGD, MYR, IDR and PHP Prices

2019/3/06 08:05 Source
The US Dollar launched an aggressive push against various ASEAN currencies. USD/SGD cleared well-defined resistance, reversal patterns in USD/MYR and USD/IDR closer to confirmation.

Market Sentiment Remains Positive | Webinar

2019/3/05 16:05 Source
Financial market traders are still confident as weak economic growth from China to the Eurozone is pushing central banks to increase their measures to stimulate activity.

Euro, Dollar and Aussie: The Most Difficult FX Majors this Week

2019/3/05 05:05 Source
Volatility and scheduled event risk are a natural draw for traders, regardless of market, analytical approach or time frame. Yet, with volatility comes risk. That’s what defines this week’s most risky FX trades.

Gold and Silver Trade on their Heels While USDJPY Reaches 2 Month Highs

2019/3/04 22:05 Source
The metals such as gold and silver appear to have finished a bullish wave as we forecast a further dip in pricing. USDJPY continues to rally in impulse and dip in corrective waves.

Near-Term Crude Oil Price Gains May Fizzle as Chart Hints at Top

2019/3/04 07:05 Source
Crude oil prices may find scope for near-term gains but technical positioning hints that a top might be taking shape, warning against bets on a lasting advance.

How Forex Traders Use ISM Data

2019/3/03 20:05 Source
Forex traders around the world closely watch ISM monthly manufacturing reports. Find out more about ISM data and how it impacts the FX market.

USDJPY Hits a Fresh Two-Month High as Markets Turn Risk-On

2019/3/01 16:05 Source
USDJPY continues to forge ahead as financial markets take a positive approach to risk after better-than-expected US growth figures and improved Caixin Chinese manufacturing PMI data.

US Dollar Eyeing Breakout after Muted Action on Fed Chair Powell

2019/3/01 05:05 Source
The US Dollar is on the eve of a breakout to find its next path in the short-term after Fed Chair Jerome Powell couldn’t offer it a direction after better-than-expected GDP data.

Are Financial Markets Too Optimistic As Growth Crumbles?

2019/2/28 11:05 Source
Another day, another feeble economic data point from a major economy. As China’s manufacturing sector contracts again, markets may be pinning too much hope on a trade deal.

USD/MYR, USD/IDR and USD/PHP May Reverse. SGD Sits Within Support

2019/2/28 07:05 Source
The US Dollar could be preparing to launch a recovery against the Malaysian Ringgit and Indonesian Rupiah. USD/PHP may turn higher as USD/SGD finds itself sitting within key support.

EURUSD Still Trending Higher Despite Poor Eurozone Confidence Data

2019/2/27 14:05 Source
EURUSD continues to advance within the well-defined channel in place since February 15 despite weak Eurozone confidence figures that emphasize the slowdown in the region’s economy.

Yen Jumps as Pakistan Downs Two Indian Jets, Spooking Markets

2019/2/27 11:05 Source
The Japanese Yen spiked higher and US stock futures dropped on reports Pakistan has downed two Indian fighter jets, spooking financial markets.

US Dollar Price Erosion Yet to Return into Triangle; Key Brexit Date Set

2019/2/26 17:05 Source
Geopolitical developments in all corners of the world have global financial markets in a state of trance on Tuesday.

Market Sentiment Still Positive Despite USD Weakness | Webinar

2019/2/26 16:05 Source
Financial market traders remain broadly confident even though the US Dollar remains under downward pressure and the oil price is off its recent highs.

Dollar Faces Volatility Potential but Breakout and Trends are Still Far Reach

2019/2/23 20:05 Source
There is a high probability of volatility for the global financial markets and across FX this week, but will the jump in activity translate into a meaningful break for the US Dollar?

Trade War Breakthrough, Fed Testimony, Key Brexit Vote and More Ahead

2019/2/23 06:05 Source
A host of fundamental themes – including trade wars and fears of recession – continue to prod global markets, but commitment to fear or greed is still out of reach. Can we find a trend before next week’s overwhelming data run?

AUD/USD, AUD/JPY and AUD/NZD Eye Trend-Forecasting Patterns

2019/2/23 01:05 Source
AUD/USD finds itself in a bearish reversal pattern while AUD/JPY appears to be in a bullish one. AUD/NZD solidified a descending channel. Will these patterns hold true ahead?

Recession Fears Rise, Trade War Negotiation Continue, Markets Start to Slip

2019/2/22 06:05 Source
A host of fundamental themes – including trade wars and fears of recession – continue to prod global markets, but commitment to fear or greed is still out of reach. Can we find a trend before next week’s overwhelming data run?

AUD/USD Sinks as China’s Dalian Port Bans Australian Coal Imports

2019/2/21 10:05 Source
AUD/USD suddenly tumbled after China’s Dalian port indefinitely capped the amount of Australian coal imports. Most Asia Pacific stocks still rose on upbeat US-China trade war news.

Crude Oil Price Climbs on Aramco Refinery Repair, Nigerian Cuts

2019/2/20 21:05 Source
Crude oil ticked higher Wednesday as Nigeria announced they may reduce production to raise oil prices and Saudi Aramco shutters a plant for repair.

What is Slippage? Slippage in Forex Explained

2019/2/20 17:05 Source
What is slippage in forex trading, and what causes it? Find out more about forex slippage and how to avoid it.

DXY Index’s Bearish Engulfing Bars Weaken Outlook; FOMC Minutes Today

2019/2/20 17:05 Source
The US Dollar is trying to find footing amid a four day losing streak, punctuated by bearish outside engulfing bars in two of the past three days.

Stock Markets Await President Trump’s Decision on Auto Tariffs

2019/2/20 04:05 Source
Three of the world’s largest economies may find themselves party to a new trade war as President Trump considers the feasibility of auto tariffs on Europe and Japan.

What is Margin Call in Forex and How to Avoid One?

2019/2/19 19:06 Source
Find out what causes a margin call in forex trading and how to avoid them by adopting tips used by experienced traders.

Weekly Fundamental Forecast:Trade Wars and Shutdown Fears Fade, Have We Entered a New Phase of Risk Appetite

2019/2/18 17:05 Source
Two of the most systemic fundamental threats facing the financial system have eased this past week in the avoidance of a second US government shutdown and the enthusiastic language being applied to the negotiations between the US and China on trade. Is this the foundation for a new phase of ‘risk on’?

Gold Prices Soar to Challenge Range Top as US Dollar Drops

2019/2/18 06:05 Source
Gold prices soared to challenge three-week range resistance, buoyed by a weaker US Dollar. A break higher would put a trend-defining top in the crosshairs.

NOK, SEK Vulnerable as Europe Slows Down - FOMC Minutes in Focus

2019/2/18 06:05 Source
The Norwegian Krone and Swedish Krona may find it increasingly difficult to climb higher as the EU economy slows down, potentially dampening economic activity in the Nordics.

Weekly Fundamental Forecast:Trade Wars and Shutdown Fears Fade, Have We Entered a New Phase of Risk Appetite

2019/2/17 19:05 Source
Two of the most systemic fundamental threats facing the financial system have eased this past week in the avoidance of a second US government shutdown and the enthusiastic language being applied to the negotiations between the US and China on trade. Is this the foundation for a new phase of ‘risk on’?

DailyFX Poll: Which Successor to PM May Would be Most Positive for GBP?

2019/2/15 22:05 Source
DailyFX has conducted a Twitter poll to find out which possible successor to UK Prime Minister Theresa May would be the most positive for Sterling. The results were surprising.

DAX May Plummet on Auto Tariffs, Spanish Election not a Cause of Concern

2019/2/15 20:05 Source
Section 232 deadline is set for Feb 17th, in which the Department of Commerce will present their findings on whether Eurozone autos present a threat to the United States national security.

S&P 500 Readies Reversal as Global Growth Cools, Will EURUSD Break?

2019/2/15 07:05 Source
Trade wars and averting the next US government shutdown remain key headlines for the financial markets, but clear growth readings from the majors take out some of the speculative lift that these headlines might otherwise earn.

DailyFX Poll: Which Successor to PM May Would be Most Positive for GBP?

2019/2/14 19:05 Source
DailyFX has conducted a Twitter poll to find out which possible successor to UK Prime Minister Theresa May would be the most positive for Sterling. The results were surprising.

Eurozone GDP Growth Slows, Euro Still Under Downward Pressure

2019/2/14 15:05 Source
Eurozone GDP data for the final quarter of last year confirmed the weakness of the bloc’s economy in late 2018 and that a recovery in EURUSD could still be some way away.

Gold Price Technical Outlook: XAU/USD Breakout Imminent

2019/2/13 20:06 Source
Gold prices are in consolidation within a well-defined monthly opening range. Here are the targets & invalidation levels that matter on the XAU/USD charts.

Gold & Silver Price Analysis – Support Test Pass or Fail? We’ll Soon Find Out

2019/2/13 13:06 Source
Precious metals continue to hold support as they consolidate, but if they sit here for too long then risk rises that a breakdown will develop instead of a run higher.

EUR/USD in Focus as EU Finance Ministers Discuss Trade, Budget

2019/2/12 06:05 Source
The Euro may be looking out for key comments or policy developments from the Economic and Financial Affairs Council meeting between EU finance ministers.

EUR/JPY: Bounce Finds Sellers Sub-125, Break on the Horizon?

2019/2/11 22:06 Source
After a significant surge of Yen-strength to start the year, EUR/JPY has spent much of the time since in varying forms of recovery.

Japanese Yen May Move More than British Pound on UK GDP Data

2019/2/11 11:05 Source
Sentiment-linked currencies like the Japanese Yen may find more market movement than the British Pound if UK GDP data disappoints, stoking global slowdown fears.

Euro to Bounce off Support Next?

2019/2/10 07:05 Source
The Euro traded lower last week off resistance, next week could bring a thorough test and bounce off support; a break below would be reason to finally gear up for a momentum move.

US Dollar May Build on Rebound as Market Mood Sours Further

2019/2/09 21:05 Source
The US Dollar may build on last week’s swift recovery as sentiment continues to deteriorate across global financial markets, stoking haven demand for the benchmark currency.

Range, Break or Trend Conditions for Dollar, Euro, Pound?

2019/2/09 08:05 Source
Environment has a lot to do with determining whether a specific currency’s breakout stalls or continues forward undeterred. What are the conditions we face with the broader market and what type of trading criteria do we find from the Dollar, Euro and Pound specifically?

No Breakout for US Dollar; Gold Turns Higher Again

2019/2/08 18:05 Source
The DXY Index has stayed within the confines of its 2019 symmetrical triangle, for now.

Gold Prices May Rise as Bond Yields Drop in Risk-Off Trade

2019/2/08 08:05 Source
Gold prices may rise as bond yields decline amid souring sentiment across financial markets, boosting the appeal of non-interest-bearing assets.

3 Things Currency Traders Need to Know - Asia Pacific Market Open

2019/2/08 04:05 Source
Sentiment soured across financial markets after the BoE rate decision, Brexit headlines and the latest US-China trade news. Nikkei 225, APAC equities and AUD/USD are at risk.

Japanese Yen Weekly Price Outlook: Pending USD/JPY Range Break

2019/2/08 00:05 Source
Dollar is virtually unchanged vs the Japanese Yen a month into 2018 with price holding a well-defined range. Here are the levels that matter on the USD/JPY weekly chart.

DXY Index Rallying in Confines of Triangle; Gold Pullback Under Way

2019/2/06 17:43 Source
The US Dollar’s move higher the past few days hasn’t been insignificant, but the DXY Index has yet to leave the symmetrical triangle that’s defined trading in 2019.

Top 10 Candlestick Patterns To Trade the Markets

2019/2/06 13:05 Source
Learn the most reliable candlestick patterns for trading the financial markets, including examples, expert tips and more…

Top 10 Candlestick Patterns To Trade the Markets

2019/2/06 12:05 Source
Learn the most reliable candlestick patterns for trading the financial markets, including examples, expert tips and more...

Brexit Latest: Chancellor Merkel’s Optimistic Talk on Irish Backstop

2019/2/05 13:05 Source
The German Chancellor said that there is still time to find a way forward on the Irish backstop problem but that it may depend upon the structure of any future trade deal.

ASX 200 Soars on Bank Inquiry Result, US ISM Data May Sink Stocks

2019/2/05 09:05 Source
Most Asia stocks struggled echoing gains on Wall Street except for in Australia where financials lead the ASX 200 higher. US ISM data beat may sink sentiment along with the S&P 500.

Will the Nasdaq and S&P 500 Finally Find FAANG Earnings Leverage on Google’s Beat?

2019/2/05 08:05 Source
Monetary policy and tangible economic cooling have not translated into a meaningful course or pace correction for the S&P 500 and other capital market benchmarks. Will the final FAANG member or upcoming data change that disconnect?

US Dollar, Yen May Rise as Data Forces Fed Outlook Rethink

2019/2/04 11:06 Source
The US Dollar and Japanese Yen may rise as upbeat economic data forces financial markets to rethink the latest dovish shift in Fed monetary policy expectations.

Will a Global Downshift in Monetary Policy Prop Stocks, Risk Trends?

2019/2/01 21:05 Source
Following the Fed’s signal that it was shifting to a path of ‘patience’, the market raised efforts to chase the same risk-leaning assets it had attached to complacency in years’ past. Yet, push comes to shove, there is little room to effect a financial and economic save.

GBP Underperforms, NFP Fails to Support USD - US Market Open

2019/2/01 18:05 Source
GBP underperforms amid EURGBP buying and soft Mfg. PMI, while USD fails to find support from NFP, eyes on US ISM Mfg.

How Much More Can S&P 500 Rise, USD Fall after Very Cautious Fed?

2019/2/01 07:05 Source
What does it mean for financial markets if the US economy maintains its healthy pace while external headwinds noted by the Fed abate? The S&P 500 may be running out of room to rally.

FX Week Ahead: Eurozone GDP & CPI; US GDP & NFP; FOMC Meeting

2019/1/28 20:05 Source
GDP, CPI, NFP, FOMC - acronyms are all over the calendar in the final days of the month.

Euro Forecast: Q4 GDP and January CPI to Underscore ECB’s Concerns

2019/1/28 16:05 Source
The Euro hit fresh 2019 year-to-date lows following the European Central Bank meeting last Thursday, only to find itself having staved off a soft performance by the end of the week. Upcoming Eurozone GDP and inflation data will underscore the concerns laid out by the ECB last week.

Crude Oil Prices May Pull Back After Venezuela Crisis Stokes Gains

2019/1/28 09:05 Source
Crude oil prices may turn lower following gains inspired by political turmoil in Venezuela as risk appetite sours across global financial markets.

Dollar Ends Week With Its Worst Drop in 4 Months, Still Not a Break

2019/1/26 16:05 Source
The Dollar was shaken out of its stasis at the end of the past week with a sharp rally on Thursday and larger tumble Friday. Despite the late fireworks, a broader range still holds. Will we finally break free this week?

Gold Prices May Fall as Sentiment Swell Helps Validate Chart Setup

2019/1/25 12:05 Source
Gold prices may decline as improving risk appetite across global financial markets buoys bond yields, helping to validate bearish technical cues.

A Questionable Pound Break, Euro Awaits the ECB, Dollar Along for the Ride

2019/1/25 00:05 Source
Finally, a break in the rumor-spurred volatility of trade wars and risk trends. Yet, these high level themes remain threats to instability with little warning. Meanwhile, traders’ interests have been peaked by the Pound and Euro.

FTSE Chart Analysis –Weak Price Sequence off December Low

2019/1/23 15:06 Source
Price action in the FTSE since finding a low at the end of the year has a corrective look to it and suggests we soon see those lows sooner rather than later.

EUR/USD Technical Analysis: Trend-Defining Support Under Fire

2019/1/23 05:05 Source
The Euro is pressuring support guiding a two-month rise against the US Dollar, with a break lower opening the door for resumption of the longer-term down trend.

Sentiment Weakening Across the Financial Markets | Webinar

2019/1/22 16:05 Source
Market confidence is ebbing, with traders seeking the safety of haven assets at the expense of stocks and other more-risky instruments.

Lofven Survives PM Vote, Breaks Political Gridlock - What’s Next?

2019/1/21 09:05 Source
Sweden’s four-month-long political gridlock was finally broken on Friday after Stefan Lofven survived a vote in the Riksdag, Sweden’s parliament.

China GDP Menacing Markets, Trade War End Would Come with Costs

2019/1/21 04:05 Source
Disappointing Chinese GDP data may spook investors. An end to the US-China trade war might come with hidden costs for financial markets.

US Dollar May Find Support as Global Outlook Worries Mount

2019/1/19 16:05 Source
The US Dollar may continue to find support in haven-seeking capital flows as key data from China, the EU and the IMF darken the outlook on global growth.

Slowing China GDP to Curb AUD/USD Flash-Crash Rebound

2019/1/19 00:05 Source
Fresh data prints coming out the Asia/Pacific region may drag on AUD/USD as China is expected to grow at the slowest pace since the Great Financial Crisis (GFC).

US Dollar May Rise as Data Shows Consumers’ Mood Has Darkened

2019/1/18 11:05 Source
The US Dollar may rise, finding support in haven demand as data from the University of Michigan shows consumers’ mood darkened in January.

Will NOK Find Lifeline in New Norway Government?

2019/1/18 09:05 Source
Will NOK’s projected downward movement in 2019 be reduced by the newly established conservative majority government in Norway?

Positive Sentiment Continues to Creep Back Into Markets | Webinar

2019/1/15 16:05 Source
Rising hopes that the Chinese government will act to boost its domestic economy and that a US-China trade war can be averted are boosting confidence in the financial markets.

FX Week Ahead: Brexit Vote; Inflation Data from Canada, Japan, & UK

2019/1/15 03:05 Source
Attention will be on the UK through midweek, while traders will be hard pressed to find meaningful US economic data during the US government shutdown.

Weekly Technical Forecast: Will Liquidity Define the Equities, EURUSD and Oil Reversals?

2019/1/14 03:05 Source
Though the intensity of their corrections vary - from the Dollar just recently slipping range support to the S&P 500 trying to claw out of its 'bear market' - we have seen a number of markets walk back meaningful breaks this past week. Are these true reversals or brief respite in prevailing trends?

EUR/USD Weekly Technical Forecast: Euro Hanging onto Breakout by a Thread

2019/1/13 09:05 Source
The Euro finally broke free from its range but is holding onto breakout levels by a thread; needs to get into gear soon.

Dollar Has Made the Bearish Break, Now It Is Looking for Momentum

2019/1/12 13:05 Source
The Dollar finally broke from its restrictive two-month range this past week, but the fledgling bearish breakdown has proven tepid when it comes to momentum. Will the markets find more charge in subsequent technical cues?

Dollar Has Made the Bearish Break, Now It Is Looking for Momentum

2019/1/12 13:05 Source
The Dollar finally broke from its restrictive two-month range this past week, but the fledgling bearish breakdown has proven tepid when it comes to momentum. Will the markets find more charge in subsequent technical cues?

Australian Dollar Prices May Add Gains to USD, EUR But JPY Holds

2019/1/12 01:05 Source
Last week, the Australian Dollar hinted it was about to appreciate. Not only was that the case, but AUD/USD and EUR/AUD may extend their reversals. AUD/JPY may find that difficult.

Dubious of EURUSD’s Breakout, Should I Fade It?

2019/1/11 09:05 Source
EURUSD finally cleared a multi-month range with explicit technical implications, but the breakout appeal this pattern may harbor for many is proving

EURUSD Finally Breaks but Does It Rally and Will SPX Overcome the Shutdown?

2019/1/10 06:05 Source
The DXY Dollar Index faces a tentative reversal due to dovish Fed language, leading EUR/USD to finally clear 1.1500 resistance.

CAD Gains Cool Ahead of BoC, EURUSD Soft as Germany Heads for Recession - US Market Open

2019/1/08 18:05 Source
EURUSD is softer this morning in reaction to yet another soft reading out of Germany, CAD finds modest support amid the rise in oil prices.

AUD Technical Analysis Overview: AUDUSD, AUDJPY, AUDNZD

2019/1/08 17:05 Source
AUDUSD to find challenges ahead before 0.72 test, AUDJPY recovery may be short-lived, while AUDNZD is looking to break key resistance for a 1.07 retest.

Market Sentiment Less Negative, Trader Confidence Rises | Webinar

2019/1/08 16:05 Source
Trading sentiment remains poor but there are early signs that confidence in the financial markets is beginning to return.

US, China Trade Talks and World Bank Outlook May Rattle Markets

2019/1/08 11:05 Source
Financial markets may be rattled as the US and China struggle to make progress on trade war de-escalation while the World Bank warns of slowing global growth.

Key Global Elections to Watch Out For in 2019

2019/1/07 14:05 Source
As pollical uncertainty remains rife in financial markets. Investors will be placing a keen eye on several key elections that will take place in 2019.

Crude Oil Price Likely to Push Higher on US - China Trade Hopes

2019/1/07 13:05 Source
Trade negotiations between the US and China are expected to commence today and financial markets are starting to price-in a positive outcome. And that could be good news for oil bulls.

AUD/USD, AUD/CAD & EUR/AUD Prices Eye Technical Reversal Patterns

2019/1/05 02:05 Source
After weakening in its final moments of 2018, the Australian Dollar may be getting ready to reverse course. AUD/USD may rise while EUR/AUD and AUD/CAD decline. Reversal patterns ample.

As the Dollar Hits a Two-Year High, Assessing its Drive

2019/1/03 09:06 Source
Whatever drives the US Dollar will most likely dictate the course of the global financial system. From broad risk trends to global monetary policy to a lack of options, this currency can be a key barometer as much as a trade candidate.

Crude Oil Prices May Drop From Trend Resistance in Risk-Off Trade

2019/1/03 08:05 Source
Crude oil prices may turn lower having tested resistance defining the down trend since October as sentiment sours across global financial markets.

EURUSD Price: Short-Term Rally May Struggle to Find Traction

2019/1/02 12:05 Source
EURUSD starts the year pointing higher and may test the early November 2018 high at just over 1.1500 which may open the door to 1.1622 in the near-term.

Japanese Yen Q1 Technical Forecast: Why USD/JPY Prices Might Fall in Q1 2019

2018/12/30 00:05 Source
Buyers of the Japanese Yen did their job in averting a major selloff in the currency during the final quarter of 2018.

Japanese Yen Q1 Forecast: Haven in a Very Uncertain World

2018/12/29 03:05 Source
2018 was a tumultuous year in financial markets. So it’s perhaps strange that the Japanese Yen should be ending it very close to where it started. And yet it is.

Grey Swans: Low Probability Events to watch for in 2019

2018/12/28 18:06 Source
“Grey swans” are events still unlikely to transpire, but if they were to, there would be profound consequences for financial markets.

Key Global Elections to Watch Out For in 2019

2018/12/27 13:05 Source
As pollical uncertainty remains rife in financial markets. Investors will be placing a keen eye on several key elections that will take place in 2019.

Yen, US Dollar Aim Higher as Political Swings Rattle Markets in 2019

2018/12/27 11:05 Source
The Japanese Yen and the US Dollar may rise alongside Treasury bonds as political turmoil continues to rattle global financial markets in 2019.

Gaining a Trading Edge by Fading the Crowd | Podcast

2018/12/25 23:06 Source
IG Client Sentiment data can assist traders to make informed decisions. Find out how to use this contrarian indicator.

Top Trade Idea 2019: Canadian Dollar, 2019 Underdog? Short AUD/CAD, NZD/CAD, EUR/CAD

2018/12/24 20:05 Source
The Canadian Dollar took a turn for the worse in the 4Q 2018, but it may finish 2019 on a stronger note. Its collapse was accompanied with a record losing streak in crude oil prices and a cautious BoC rate announcement in December.

Key Global Elections to Watch Out For in 2019

2018/12/24 16:05 Source
As pollical uncertainty remains rife in financial markets. Investors will be placing a keen eye on several key elections that will take place in 2019.

How Political Speech Impacted Financial Markets in 2018

2018/12/24 08:05 Source
Political speech rocked financial markets in 2018 as investors scrambled to trade around a tumultuous geopolitical terrain. Will it continue into 2019?

EUR/USD Sensitive to Holiday Illiquidity, Eyes Fed and ECB

2018/12/24 05:05 Source
EUR/USD may continue to rise on Italy-EU negotiations the end ECB QE, but chart positioning carries bearish cues. Will it find follow-through?

Psychology and Trading | Podcast

2018/12/22 19:05 Source
Find out more about the psychology of trading in this podcast, with Currency Strategist James Stanley talking poker, psychology and personality types.

Top Trade Idea 2019: Short Canadian and New Zealand Dollars vs. Yen as Global Growth Outlook Darkens

2018/12/22 16:05 Source
Financial markets have become palpably worried about the outlook for global growth, and with good reason. Against this backdrop, traders may well begin to envision a dovish policy bias shift from the world’s top central banks.

A Few Key Market and Economic Themes for 2019

2018/12/22 11:05 Source
Volatility was a troubling feature of the landscape through the past year, but the final month of 2018 has seriously changed the mentality in the market. With a long list of systemic fundamental threats, these are some of the bigger developments we may find in the year ahead.

Gold Prices Eye US Dollar Response Amid Market Meltdown

2018/12/21 10:05 Source
Gold prices’ response to a market-wide meltdown in risk appetite may be defined by how the rout is reflected in the US Dollar.

What is Forex? Forex Trading Explained

2018/12/20 19:05 Source
What is forex? The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world. Get up to speed with forex terms and top tips.

DXY Index Threatens Major Breakdown as USD/JPY Falls Post-FOMC

2018/12/20 19:05 Source
After consolidating for the better part of six-weeks, the US Dollar may finally be ready to choose a near-term direction.

Major Cryptocurrencies: A Trader’s Guide

2018/12/20 17:05 Source
Find out more about the major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether and Ripple, and learn the strategies for trading them.

Major Cryptocurrencies: A Trader’s Guide

2018/12/20 15:05 Source
Find out more about the major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether and Ripple, and learn the strategies for trading them.

FX Prices Coiled and Ready for FOMC: EUR/USD, USD/JPY and AUD/USD

2018/12/19 19:05 Source
Today brings the final FOMC rate decision of 2018, and the wide expectation is that the bank will bring a dovish hike to markets. But how dovish might the Fed be in today's projections?

The History of Forex

2018/12/19 16:05 Source
From the gold standard to the Bretton Woods System, find out how the Forex market has changed throughout history.

A Critical Fed Decision’s Policy and Market Response Scenarios

2018/12/19 07:05 Source
The Federal Reserve is due to announce its final monetary policy decision of the year with forecasts of a 25 basis point hike priced in and speculation of three hikes through 2019 under serious scrutiny. What are the scenarios and market responses?

AUD/USD Technical Analysis: Sellers Struggle for Follow-Through

2018/12/19 06:05 Source
Australian Dollar sellers are struggling to find follow-through after pushing the currency below support guiding the upswing from late October against its US counterpart.

US Dollar Price Action Setups Ahead of FOMC: USDJPY, USDCAD, USDCHF

2018/12/18 23:05 Source
Tomorrow brings the final rate decision out of the FOMC for 2018, and the bank is widely-expected to hike rates for the fourth time this year. But - what will they say about 2019?

USD/JPY, USD/CHF Bounce From Support Ahead of the Fed

2018/12/18 19:05 Source
Tomorrow brings the final FOMC rate decision for 2018, and the bank is widely-anticipated to hike rates for the fourth time this year. But - what do they have to say about 2019 and thereafter?

What do ASEAN and Emerging Markets Face in Final Weeks of 2018?

2018/12/17 08:05 Source
Are ASEAN and emerging markets vulnerable in the last weeks of 2018? S&P 500 closed at its lowest since April. Philippine Peso is at risk, undermined by China data and a trade deficit.

Weekly Fundamental Forecast: Fed, BoE and BoE Rate Decisions in the Last Full Week of the Year

2018/12/16 22:05 Source
There are a host of unresolved fundamental themes that will continue to harass the financial markets – trade wars, Brexit, EU budgets, political stability – but there is perhaps just enough breathing room to beat back the charge until 2019. That is perhaps with one exception…monetary policy.

EUR/USD Weekly Technical Forecast: Euro Shorts in Charge on Tri-break

2018/12/16 08:05 Source
The Euro finally broke the triangle it’s been forming over the past month; lower prices ahead as it makes maybe its final meaningful move of the year.

How to Know if Trading is Right for You | Podcast

2018/12/15 18:06 Source
Find out if trading is right for you by asking yourself these fundamental questions

AUD Prices May Fall Into 2019, AUD/CAD at Risk to Reversal Pattern

2018/12/15 01:05 Source
The Australian Dollar may be setting itself up for declines in the final weeks of 2018. AUD/USD and AUD/NZD look vulnerable while AUD/CAD is overshadowed by a bearish reversal pattern.

Technical Forecast for Dow, S&P 500, FTSE 100, DAX and Nikkei

2018/12/15 00:05 Source
The Q4 slump has continued in global equities, and next week brings the final full trading week of 2018. WIll the Fed bring bulls a lifeline of support?

FX Setups for the Week of December 17, 2018

2018/12/14 23:05 Source
Next week is the final full trading week of 2018, and the economic calendar is loaded with a couple of high-impact events that can continue to stoke volatility across global markets.

US Dollar Tests Fresh Yearly Highs Ahead of December FOMC

2018/12/14 18:05 Source
The US Dollar has continued this week's strength for a test of fresh yearly highs. Next week's calendar brings a key rate decision out of the FOMC in the final full trading week of 2018.

Charts for Next Week – EUR/USD, USD/CAD, Crude Oil & More

2018/12/14 15:05 Source
The Euro is working on finally breaking out of a triangle pattern, USD/CAD same but on smaller scale, and while looking at triangles can't forget about oil.

Yen May Continue Higher as Global Slowdown Fears Grip Markets

2018/12/14 11:05 Source
The Japanese Yen may continue to push higher as global slowdown fears sour sentiment across financial markets, boosting the perennially anti-risk currency.

Brexit Latest: Sterling (GBP) Remains Weak Despite PM Winning Confidence Vote

2018/12/13 14:05 Source
UK PM Theresa May remains in No.10 after winning Wednesday’s confidence vote but the financial markets just shrug as the underlying problems stay firmly in place.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple Prices Remain Weak | Webinar

2018/12/12 17:06 Source
The cryptocurrency market continues to drift lower with any rebound finding sellers. Some cryptos are now in unchartered territory making technical analysis difficult.

Dollar Bulls Not Out Yet amid DXY Index Bullish Outside Engulfing Bar

2018/12/11 17:06 Source
Despite breaking its uptrend from the September low, the DXY Index's symmetrical triangle since November remains in place.

USD/CAD Prices Vulnerable as Key Support is Breached

2018/12/11 08:05 Source
USD/CAD may continue to recover on interest rate differentials, but technical positioning hints at downside momentum. Will this attempt find follow-through?

Weekly Fundamental Forecast:Trade Wars are Heating Up, Brexit Faces a Fork, Fed Intent Blurs

2018/12/09 21:06 Source
So much for a gentle slide into a quiet end to a tumultuous year. As we head deeper into the month of December, liquidity will continue to drain. However, with such exceptional fundamental risks lurking in the global financial system; volatility remains a constant bedfellow.

US Dollar May Rise on Inflation Data, Shaky European Politics

2018/12/09 02:05 Source
The US Dollar may find fuel to push higher as CPI data boosts Fed rate hike bets while shaky European politics stoke haven demand.

OPEC And Friends Production Cut Exceeds Expectations, Crude Rallies

2018/12/08 11:05 Source
Crude may still finish the year in the red, but OPEC helped to stop the bleeding with a production cut agreement that exceeded market expectations.

Why Does the US Yield Curve Inversion Matter?

2018/12/06 23:05 Source
With US equity markets plunging this week, financial news media has been quick to point out movement in the bond market as the key catalyst.

US Household Net Worth Rises to $109 Trillion Over Third Quarter

2018/12/06 22:05 Source
American households are $2 Trillion wealthier after third quarter 2018 driven by gains in financial assets, but the uptrend could fade over the final months of the year.

US Dollar Unable to Rally Even as Risk Appetite Erodes

2018/12/06 18:05 Source
US financial markets are in 'risk-off' mode, with equities dropping alongsides US Treasury yields. That the greenback can't rally is foreboding.

A Brief History of Major Financial Bubbles, Crises, and Flash-crashes

2018/12/06 13:05 Source
There's a rich history of financial bubbles and manias, varying in scale and economic impact. Read about major market bubbles and flash crashes all traders should know.

Crude Oil Prices Vulnerable as Markets Eye Key OPEC Meeting

2018/12/06 08:05 Source
Crude oil prices appear vulnerable as financial markets eye the outcome of a pivotal meeting between OPEC and allied producers meant to unveil new output cuts.

EUR/USD Technical Analysis: Are Sellers Ready to Retake the Lead?

2018/12/06 05:05 Source
Euro technical positioning hints the single currency is trying to resume its dominant downward trend against the US Dollar. Will this attempt find follow-through?

Risk Aversion Lingers, Asia Stocks and Australian Dollar at Risk

2018/12/06 04:05 Source
Risk aversion engulfed financial markets as Wall Street was closed despite US China trade talk progress. CAD sunk on less hawkish BoC. Asia stocks may extend selloff as AUD weakens.

DXY Index on the Edge Ahead of Quieter Trading Day

2018/12/05 18:05 Source
With the US observing a National Day of Mourning for the late President George H.W. Bush, financial markets will be closed.

Was the S&P 500’s Tumble a Financial Tsunami Signal or Necessary Adjustment?

2018/12/05 07:05 Source
Risk assets took a nasty turn through the US session Tuesday with a scale of intensity which will spark imagination and fear. Was the three percent-plus drop from the S&P 500 a signal for global markets?

FX Price Action Setups in EUR/USD, USD/CNH, USD/CAD and NZD/USD

2018/12/05 00:05 Source
It's been an busy week across global markets, and tomorrow brings closed US financial markets for an official day of mourning for former US President, George H.W. Bush.

DXY Index Falters as Uptrend from September Low Breaks

2018/12/04 18:05 Source
Now that the G20 summit is behind markets, the technicals may finally be catching up with the fundamentals for the US Dollar.

Typical or Extreme December Trading Ahead

2018/12/01 09:05 Source
We are heading into the final weeks of the year, and the interest to simply coast to seasonal speculative gains is powerful. However, the habits of 2018 and the sheer number of fundamental threats on tap should lead us to extreme caution.

Technical Forecast for Dow, S&P 500, FTSE 100, DAX and Nikkei

2018/12/01 01:05 Source
US stocks put in recovery moves this week as the book was closed on November trade. But can that enthusiasm remain into the final month of a volatile 2018?

EURUSD Drops on Soft Inflation and Month-End

2018/11/30 14:05 Source
Eurozone inflation remains subdued, however, ECB look set to finish their QE program at the end of this year.

Crude Oil Price Chart Hints at Bounce Ahead of Key G20 Summit

2018/11/30 09:05 Source
Crude oil prices might find the catalyst to make good on bullish technical cues in commentary from the G20 leaders’ summit getting underway in Argentina.

Despite Clear Warnings from the Fed, BoE and IMF, Markets Focused on Fed’s Powell

2018/11/29 06:05 Source
Equities rallied on dovish remarks from the Fed’s Powell, despite clear warnings on financial stability and auto tariff threats.

Sterling Spikes as Bank of England’s Carney Calms Brexit Nerves

2018/11/29 00:05 Source
The pound cautiously moved higher following remarks from the UK’s head central banker Mark Carney on the country’s Financial Policy Committee report assessing the health of the financial system and impact of Brexit outcome risks.

Fed’s Financial Stability Report Warns of ’Elevated’ Corporate Debt

2018/11/28 20:05 Source
The Federal Reserve’s first report devoted to financial stability highlighted trade wars, Brexit and trouble in emerging markets as headline risks that could impact the US financial system.

NZD/USD Rate Struggles Ahead of RBNZ Financial Stability Report

2018/11/27 22:05 Source
NZD/USD struggles ahead of the RBNZ’s Financial Stability Report, with the exchange rate at risk for further losses as it carves a series of lower highs & lows.

Crude Oil Analysis: Oil Price Bounce Short-lived

2018/11/27 13:05 Source
Yesterday’s bounce back has provided an opportunity for oil bears to reload shorts. The lack of conviction in the rise in oil prices suggests that any increase will be short-lived as markets look to find a floor.

Measuring Sentiment as Risk Appetite Grows Overtly Shaky

2018/11/27 09:05 Source
As the end of the year approaches, the norms of a gentle slide into a complacent climb in risk assets through year’s end looks exceptionally threatening against our widening spectrum of systemic financial threats.

US China Trade War Fears, Fed Hike Bets May Undermine Asia Stocks

2018/11/27 04:05 Source
Asia stocks may find it difficult to follow through on Monday’s optimism on Wall Street as Donald Trump revived US China trade war fears. NZD/USD prices are at risk, Yen may gain.

Yen Sinks on Upbeat Market Mood Before G20, Euro Eyes Draghi

2018/11/26 12:05 Source
The anti-risk Japanese Yen sank amid a chipper mood ahead of this week’s G20 summit across financial markets. The Euro is eyeing comments from ECB President Draghi.

Top Market Themes to Watch Before the Year Ends

2018/11/22 19:05 Source
Trade wars, Brexit, the Italian budget, weaker global economic growth and volatility will likely be the key drivers of the financial markets up to the end of the year and beyond.

Liquidity Saves S&P 500 For Now, Brexit, Trade Wars and Italy Still Simmering

2018/11/22 08:05 Source
The liquidity withdrawal is upon us, and traders must adapt to the defining feature on our financial landscape. Separating sparks and potential for present conditions from those next week is crucial for trading through to next week.

S&P 500, Crude Oil Rally on Italy Budget News, Fed. JPY May Fall

2018/11/22 04:05 Source
Stocks, oil prices recovered on reports that the Fed may pause its tightening cycle. EU taking steps towards imposing fines on Italy were brushed off. Japanese Yen may extend losses.

Gold Price Outlook: Recovery Finds Resistance at October Trendline

2018/11/21 23:05 Source
Gold is up more than 2.7% off the monthly low with prices threatening a near-term breakout. Here are the targets & invalidation levels that matter on the XAU/USD charts.

US Dollar Finds Trend-Line Resistance Following Bounce From Key Support

2018/11/21 17:05 Source
The US Dollar put in a vigorous bounce yesterday, finding support at a key area on the chart before jumping up to find resistance off of a bearish trend-line.

NZD/USD Technical Analysis: Two-Month Support Line Broken

2018/11/21 14:05 Source
The New Zealand Dollar may have be resuming the downtrend against its US counterpart after breaking support defining an almost two-month recovery.

GBPUSD: Brexit Fears Remain as UK PM May Heads to Brussels

2018/11/21 13:05 Source
UK PM Theresa May is going to Brussels later today to finalize a deal with EU. However, fears remain that the PM will not be able to sign-off the current deal in its current form and get it through Parliament.

Will the S&P 500 Tumble Consummate a Critical Break and When Will Oil Stop?

2018/11/21 06:05 Source
A well-known US holiday and market drain is dead ahead, but you wouldn’t know that from the productive tumble from US indices like the Dow and S&P 500 or other economic/financial benchmarks like US crude oil.

US Dollar Bounce From Fibonacci Support; EUR/USD Holds Key Resistance

2018/11/20 17:05 Source
The US Dollar has finally caught a bounce from a key support area on the chart, and this corresponds to a big area of resistance in EUR/USD currently helping to hold the highs.

Gold Prices May Continue Higher as Yields Fall in Risk-Off Trade

2018/11/20 09:05 Source
Gold prices may continue to edge higher as deteriorating risk appetite across financial markets translates into lower Treasury bond yields.

US Equities Slide in Defiance of Holiday Expectations, Be Wary of EURUSD’s Break

2018/11/20 06:05 Source
The black hold in liquidity expected later in this week with holiday conditions seems to find numerous points of defiance in the form of volatility. Yet, can we expect charges like that in with equities, EURUSD and natural gas to continue?

Weekly Technical Forecast: Will Liquidity Define the Equities, EURUSD and Oil Reversals?

2018/11/18 19:05 Source
A range of ambitious technical moves were checked this past week. Equities’ return to bear trend steadied, the EURUSD pulled up from a break to 16-month lows and crude oil finally broke the fever of a record breaking 12 consecutive day slide. Are these purposeful reversals or merely a pause in anticipation of next week’s liquidity conditions?

US Dollar Aims Higher on European Turmoil, Fed Outlook Rethink

2018/11/17 18:05 Source
The US Dollar may find fresh strength next week as political tumult in Europe buoys haven demand while markets rethink a dovish shift in Fed rate hike bets.

US Dollar Pulls Back as USD Bulls Take a Breather

2018/11/16 17:05 Source
The US Dollar is finally pulling back after the early-week breakout saw fresh one-year highs. Next week brings a bit of danger, as low liquidity conditions will meet with a slate of heavy macro issues.

How Does a Leadership Challenge to a UK Prime Minister Work?

2018/11/16 15:05 Source
As Brexit discussions enter its most difficult phase yet, PM May once again finds herself under intense scrutiny at the top of a fractured government that is unable to unite over her plans to leave the European Union.

No-Deal Brexit Fears May Renew Pound Drop, Trigger Risk Aversion

2018/11/16 13:05 Source
The British Pound may succumb to renewed selling pressure while sentiment sours across financial markets amid worries about a “no-deal” Brexit ahead.

USD Outlook: Signs Growing for a Potential Top Amid Crowded Positioning

2018/11/16 13:05 Source
A Financial Times report on Thursday suggested that China and the US were making huge strides to reach an agreement ahead of this month’s G20 summit. Stretched USD longs limit further upside.

How Does a Leadership Challenge to a UK Prime Minister Work?

2018/11/15 13:05 Source
As Brexit discussions enter its most difficult phase yet, PM May once again finds herself under intense scrutiny at the top of a fractured government that is unable to unite over her plans to leave the European Union.

NZD/USD Technical Analysis: NZ Dollar Rally Ready to Resume?

2018/11/14 06:05 Source
The New Zealand Dollar may struggle to find upside follow-through against its US namesake despite seemingly bullish near-term technical positioning.

Yen Down as US, China Trade Deal Hopes Buoy Market Mood

2018/11/13 12:05 Source
The anti-risk Japanese Yen fell as hopes for a breakthrough in trade relations between the US and Chine lifted financial markets’ spirits.

Euro Forecast: GDP and CPI Revisions Due amid Ongoing Italian Tensions

2018/11/12 05:05 Source
The second Q3’18 Eurozone GDP release plus the final October Eurozone CPI release will draw attention on the calendar, while the Italian budget saga continues to drag on.

Weekly Technical Forecast: The US Indices Rally Stalled, Oil’s Tumble Continued, EURUSD Weighs a Key Level

2018/11/11 19:05 Source
There was a notable attempt to shift tentative breakouts and fledgling charges into more systemic trends. For most – like US indices – the effort fell apart after the week’s top event risk charged volatility. There are, however, still benchmarks that can redefine the financial landscape like oil’s 10-day tumble and EURUSD’s approach on 1.1300.

Australian Dollar Can Hold Up As Long As Risk Appetite Does Too

2018/11/10 03:05 Source
The Australian Dollar has finally managed to rise from the canvas despite the persistent weakness of domestic inflation and a lack of clear interest rate support.

Swedish Krona May Rise on First Riksbank Rate Hike in 7 Years

2018/11/09 08:05 Source
The Krona may rise as Sweden finally reaches its desired inflation target near 2 percent, prompting the first Riksbank interest rate hike in 7 years.

GBP/USD: Cable Bulls Rush Back to the Bid, Find Fibonacci Resistance

2018/11/07 22:05 Source
A brutal October has led into a very bullish November, at least so far, for the British Pound. But with prices nearing a big zone of resistance, can buyers continue to push?

NZDUSD Outlook: RBNZ May Spark Larger Short Squeeze

2018/11/07 21:05 Source
The RBNZ will publish its final monetary policy statement of the year at 2000GMT where the RBNZ is expected to maintain the OCR rate at 1.75%. Recent encouraging data may lead to a less dovish RBNZ

Gold Price Outlook: XAU/USD Carves Range inside Key Resistance

2018/11/07 21:05 Source
Gold has carved out a well-defined weekly/monthly opening-range just below key resistance. These are the targets & invalidation levels that matter on the XAU/USD charts.

What Will the Dollar, S&P 500 and Risk Trends Follow After the US Elections?

2018/11/07 06:05 Source
As the vote tallies on the US mid-term elections, traders will find a high profile distraction pass. What will move in to direct speculative interests for the Dollar, risk assets and other markets now?

Yuan Weakness Seems Justified, Currency War Looks Unlikely

2018/11/06 05:05 Source
Financial markets have been more sanguine about the Yuan’s 2018 hammering than they’ve been when it has fallen in the past. There is good reason for this.

Yen May Rise as Markets Turn Defensive Before US Midterm Elections

2018/11/05 11:05 Source
The perennially anti-risk Japanese Yen may rise as financial markets turn defensive ahead of the upcoming US midterm elections.

Markets On Edge with Volatility Stoked by the Trade War, Rate Decisions, an Election

2018/11/03 06:05 Source
Both the S&P 500 and Dollar put in for tentative reversals this past week, but how committed are these markets to reverse course? With event risk, trade wars, rate decisions and the US election on tap; we are going to find out.

AUD/USD, AUD/JPY 2018 Downtrend Under Fire. EUR/AUD Price at Risk

2018/11/03 01:05 Source
AUD/USD and AUD/JPY prices may have made upside progress, but they are still confined by trend-defining resistance lines. Meanwhile EUR/AUD could be in for more losses ahead.

US Midterm Elections Outlook: Financial Markets Await Gridlock

2018/11/02 19:05 Source
The most likely outcome for the US midterms is a divided Congress, which means fiscal policy gridlock is coming back to Washington, D.C.

US Dollar Drops to Fibonacci Support to Start November, NFP on Deck

2018/11/01 17:05 Source
The US Dollar has finally pulled back from the bullish breakout that's run for the past two weeks, and a bit of support has shown around a key Fibonacci level.

GBP Price: Positive Brexit News Boosts Sterling, BOE Ahead

2018/11/01 13:05 Source
News that the EU and the UK have reached a tentative agreement over financial services post-Brexit has given Sterling a strong boost ahead of the latest Bank of England (BoE) monetary policy announcement.

EUR/USD Technical Analysis: Critical Long-Term Support Broken

2018/11/01 07:05 Source
The Euro finished October with a break below support capping losses for five months, opening the way for the decade-long downtrend to resume.

Dow Puts in 1,100 Point Bounce as a Bearish October Winds Down

2018/10/31 22:05 Source
US stocks have finally caught a bid, with the Dow rallying by more than 1,100 points from this Monday's low. Will bulls be able to hold the enthusiasm through the November open?

GBP Boosted as Brexit Minister Signals Brexit deal by November 21st

2018/10/31 20:05 Source
The Pound sharply rose to session highs against the US Dollar after Brexit Minister Raab stated in a letter that he will give evidence to Brexit committee when a deal is finalised by November 21st

EUR Eyes Key Support, M&A Flow Curbs AUD Declines - US Market Open

2018/10/31 17:05 Source
US dollar rose to hit a fresh 16 month high as short-term drivers come into effect. Pound Finds Support on EURGBP unwind.

DXY Index Ticks Fresh 2018 High; Don’t be Spooked by Rebalancing

2018/10/31 16:05 Source
October produced scary conditions in financial markets ultimately yielding a stronger US Dollar, giving it its third-best month of 2018.

Trading Outlook for Gold Price, Crude Oil, Dow Jones, DAX 30 & More

2018/10/31 14:05 Source
Gold is sinking towards support levels, crude oil too; global stock markets are trying to find their footing with some testing significant support levels.

Yen Drop May Continue, Euro Likely to Overlook CPI Data

2018/10/31 10:05 Source
The anti-risk Japanese Yen may continue to fall against a backdrop of improving sentiment. The Euro is unlikely to find lasting cues in regional inflation data.

Australian Dollar Gets Double Data Hit From CPI, China PMI

2018/10/31 05:05 Source
The Australian Dollar was hit quite hard Wednesday by news that inflation had slipped below the RBA’s target band, while Chinese manufacturing clings to expansion by its fingernails

US Dollar Drives to Fresh 2018 High: USD Price Action Setups

2018/10/30 23:05 Source
The US Dollar has finally crossed the 97.00 level, following a failed run in August as the currency trades at fresh one-year-highs. But now that we're here - now what?

Technical Forecast for Hang Seng Index, Taiwan Index

2018/10/30 02:05 Source
Hang Seng Index may find some support while Taiwan Index could head lower. Here are the levels to watch:

GBP/USD: Cable Hangs at September Support; Can it Hold the Lows?

2018/10/29 22:05 Source
The British Pound remains mired in a sell-off against the US Dollar, finding a bit of support at the September swing-lows. Can this hold the declines, or are we one headline away from fresh lows?

US Dollar Breakout Holds Higher-Low Support Ahead of Busy Calendar

2018/10/29 17:05 Source
The US Dollar is continuing to find support after last week's bullish breakout. A big week of drivers is ahead, as a loaded economic calendar is coupled with earnings from US corporates.

Weekly Fundamental Forecast: Risk Aversion Threatens to Define October with Capital and FX Markets on Edge

2018/10/28 21:05 Source
A notable sense of fear spread through the financial system this past week. Where concern could be attributed to certain asset classes or a fleeting swoon previously, there was little denying the storm brewing through Friday. Now, as stability hangs in the balance, the masses are recognizing the long list of threats we have accumulated these past months.

AUD/USD Price Sets Up for a Rise, GBP/AUD Risks Extending Reversal

2018/10/27 01:05 Source
In the final moments of last week, AUD/USD set itself up for a reversal following a hammer on the weekly chart, meanwhile GBP/AUD prices are at risk to deepening losses.

Reducing Risk May Be New Default Setting for Financial Markets

2018/10/26 11:05 Source
Reducing exposure to risky assets like stocks and growth-geared currencies is beginning to look like the new default setting for global financial markets.

Gold Prices Struggle to Capitalize on Market Meltdown

2018/10/26 08:05 Source
Gold prices are struggling to capitalize on a sweeping selloff across financial markets as haven demand buoys the US Dollar instead.

Crude Oil Price Finds Support But Market Fears Remain

2018/10/25 14:05 Source
Crude oil has bounced off a strong technical support level despite increased fears of a global slowdown. Further re-tests may see support break.

US Dollar on Pace to Set New 2018 High as Stocks Echo 2008 Plunge

2018/10/25 03:05 Source
US Dollar prices cleared resistance, opening the door to eye new 2018 highs as the Wall Street selloff rate echoed the 2008 Financial Crisis plunge. Nikkei 225 and ASX 200 are at risk next.

EUR/USD, GBP/USD Fall to Fresh Lows as USD Breaks Out to Key Level

2018/10/25 00:05 Source
The US Dollar has finally broken out from 96.04, but prices soon ran into another resistance level at 96.47. With ECB on the docket for tomorrow, can USD bulls and Euro bears continue to push?

How does a leadership challenge to a UK Prime Minister work?

2018/10/23 14:05 Source
As Brexit discussions enter its most difficult phase yet, PM May once again finds herself under intense scrutiny at the top of a fractured government that is unable to unite over her plans to leave the European Union.

Yen Aims to Extend Gains as Market-Wide Selloff Continues

2018/10/23 10:05 Source
The Japanese Yen is poised to continue higher as risk appetite withers across financial markets. The Australian and New Zealand Dollars may suffer the lion’s share of losses.

GBP/USD Drops Through 1.3000 to Find Support at 88.6% October Fib

2018/10/22 22:05 Source
Sellers have come back in the British Pound, and GBP/USD is trading below a big level after prices dropped below 1.3000.

Gold Prices Struggle for Direction, Chart Setup Warns of Weakness

2018/10/22 08:05 Source
Gold prices are struggling to find direction as the US Dollar and benchmark Treasury bond yields diverge but technical positioning hints a downturn may be brewing.

Yen, Franc and US Dollar Fall in Cheery Markets. Will This Last?

2018/10/19 10:05 Source
The Yen, Franc and US Dollar may fall further as the markets’ mood turns cheery in the final hours of the trading week. Optimism may prove fleeting however.

Crude Oil Prices May Bounce as Overall Market Mood Brightens

2018/10/19 08:05 Source
Crude oil prices may rebound alongside stock prices as market-wide risk appetite recovers in the final hours of the trading week.

Gold Price: Struggling Against Strengthening US Dollar Headwind

2018/10/18 14:05 Source
The short-term gold rally has faltered this week as US dollar bulls take control of financial markets once again. Important support levels near and are under pressure.

US Dollar May Join Yen on the Offensive as Market Mood Sours

2018/10/18 10:05 Source
The anti-risk Japanese Yen looks likely to continue higher as sentiment sours across financial markets. The US Dollar might be ready to follow suit.

What is More Important for the Dow: Netflix Earnings or Brexit?

2018/10/17 08:05 Source
How do the Dow, Netflix shares and the Brexit relate? Depending on which of the other two the index choses to follow, it can signal the systemic bearing for risk trends and the financial markets.

Risk Aversion Still Dominating Markets | Webinar

2018/10/16 15:05 Source
Trading sentiment remains poor in the financial markets after the recent drop in stock prices, with safe havens benefiting.

USD/JPY Bull Trend Snaps Even as BoJ Sticks to Dovish Forward-Guidance

2018/10/15 19:05 Source
Recent price action in USD/JPY raises the risk for a further decline as the dollar-yen exchange rate finally snaps the upward trend from earlier this year.

Gold Price Analysis: Bulls in Control with Record Shorts at Risk

2018/10/15 14:05 Source
Last week’s equity market rout had finally reignited the safe haven demand into the precious metal, whereby gold prices saw its largest daily gain (October 11th) since the Brexit referendum.

Crude Oil Price Chart Hints at Topping, Risk-Off Flows May Help

2018/10/15 11:05 Source
Crude oil price charts hint a top may be taking shape. Another risk-off day on global financial markets may help realize the bearish setup.

Weekly Fundamental Forecast: Unsteady Risk Trends Increase Scrutiny on China, Italy and Brexit

2018/10/14 21:05 Source
Market participants will return with caution this week. Following the rout in speculative assets from shares to emerging markets to Yen crosses, there is an understandable tension amongst investors. In this environment troubling news in trade wars, Chinese growth, Euro-area stability or any number of key themes can readily find traction.

US Dollar May Find Renewed Strength in FOMC Meeting Minutes

2018/10/13 17:05 Source
The US Dollar may find renewed strength after last week’s confounding drop as minutes from September’s FOMC meeting signal officials’ intent to press on with rate hikes.

Gold Price Outlook Finally Impacted by Safe Haven Demand

2018/10/12 23:05 Source
Gold was the beneficiary of safe haven demand this week after the Dow lost over 1,300 points in just two days.

US Dollar Bounces from 95.00, Global Stocks Attempt to Build Support

2018/10/12 17:05 Source
This week's global equity sell-off appears to have finally found some semblence of support, with the Dow bouncing off of 25k. The big question for next week: Can it last?

Charts for Next week – EUR/USD, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, Gold Price & More

2018/10/12 14:05 Source
After failing to break lower out of a range, the euro is shifting higher along with cable; GBP/JPY is triangulating while gold finally breaks shows life.

Yen May Fall Further in Risk-On Trade But Follow-Through Suspect

2018/10/12 11:05 Source
The Japanese Yen may continue to backtrack as risk appetite recovers across global financial markets but betting on follow-through is probably premature.

Gold Finally Shakes off the Rust, Breaks Range with Silver Following its Lead

2018/10/12 11:05 Source
Precious metals finally emerged from there multi-week slumber as stocks gyrate and dollar weakens; but can it follow through?

US Equities Dive - Is This the Big One?

2018/10/11 06:05 Source
Breadth and intensity both factor in to whether US equities’ poor performance is a tip into bear market or financial crisis.

AUD/USD Extends Bullish Series Ahead RBA Financial Stability Review

2018/10/11 00:05 Source
Recent price action in AUD/USD raises the risk for larger rebound as the aussie-dollar exchange rate extends the bullish sequence from earlier this week.

IMF Warns of Rising Instability in the Global Financial System

2018/10/10 23:05 Source
The International Monetary Fund issued their biennial global financial stability report Wednesday, highlighting the risk trade wars pose to global growth.

What Separates a Bout of Risk Aversion from a Bear Market Crash?

2018/10/10 08:05 Source
A fit of risk aversion alone is not enough to usher in the lasting influence of a lasting flood of deleveraging, much less a financial crisis. To hit that level of contagion requires a few other systemic pieces.

Can IMF FSR Interupt Stock, AUD/USD & NZD/USD Gains as Yen Falls?

2018/10/10 03:05 Source
US government bond yields fell from 2011 highs as trading came online from the holiday, offering stocks some relief. The IMF Financial Stability Report may interrupt AUD and NZD gains.

Elliott Wave Analysis Sees Bullish EURUSD Patterns Emerging

2018/10/09 23:08 Source
EUR/USD has reached our initial target identified in September as the corrective pattern appears to be finished.

Crude Oil Prices at Risk as Risk Appetite Continues to Sour

2018/10/09 10:06 Source
Crude oil prices may decline as risk appetite sours across financial markets. Gold prices might find a lifeline after yesterday’s drop if bond yields edge down.

ASX 200 Technical Analysis: Crucial 6000 Support Back In Focus

2018/10/09 05:05 Source
The ASX 200 is back once again within sight of the key 6000 level. If it gives way the bulls could find themselves in serious difficulty

DXY Index Holds Gains; Quiet Trading Expected with Bond Market Closed

2018/10/08 19:05 Source
The closing of European financial markets means liquidity conditions will be constrained, already so due to the bond market being closed in the US.

EUR/USD Weekly Technical Outlook: Euro Breakdown Set to Continue

2018/10/05 21:05 Source
Last week the euro breached big support and finished the week around it; barring a firm recapture more weakness is expected in the days ahead.

Yen, Franc Rise as Hawkish Fed Outlook Shift Spooks the Markets

2018/10/04 11:05 Source
The anti-risk Japanese Yen and Swiss Franc traded broadly higher as worries about a steeper Fed rate hike cycle spooked investors across financial markets.

A Long Way Until a True Euro-Area Crisis or Even Deep Euro Fear

2018/10/03 08:05 Source
The Euro has dropped significantly over the past week as Italy escalates the pressure on Euro-area stability. As threatening as the headlines may read, be wary of what you expect form the currency and financial markets.

EURUSD Dips To Finish Elliott Wave Correction?

2018/10/02 00:05 Source
EURUSD tests recent lows near 1.1550. We anticipate support forming nearby for a rally to last for the next several weeks.

A NAFTA Deal Sends CAD Souring, USD Less Jubilant

2018/10/01 23:06 Source
After months of negotiations, the United States, Canada, and Mexico finally reached an agreement on NAFTA. The agreement materialized on the eve of the October 1st deadline.

Crude Oil Prices Aims at 2018 High, Gold at Risk After NAFTA Deal

2018/10/01 08:05 Source
Crude oil prices may rise while gold prices decline as financial markets cheer after the US, Mexico and Canada agree on a renegotiatedNAFTA trade deal.

Fourth Quarter Forecasts for Dollar, Euro, Oil, Equities, and More

2018/9/30 01:05 Source
The third quarter is now in the books, and the final three months of the year should produce opportunities across asset classes.

British Pound Q4 Forecast: Pound Traders Will Find Brexit Remains the Driver

2018/9/29 11:05 Source
As we enter the fourth quarter of 2018, the British Pound is picking itself up from its lows comparable to those plunged in summer 2017, and starting to re-coup some of this year’s losses.

Gold Price Range Finally Breaks, Silver Bear-flag Set to Trigger

2018/9/28 11:05 Source
Precious metals are finally set to make a move after a brutally tight set of trading conditions; levels to keep an eye on as vol looks to pick up again.

Euro to Look Past CPI Data, May Fall on Italian Budget Woes

2018/9/28 10:05 Source
The Euro may continue to fall despite an increase in region-wide inflation as worries about financial instability in Italy continue to preoccupy the markets.

EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: Trend-Defining Support Under Fire

2018/9/28 05:05 Source
The Euro finds itself at a decisive chart inflection point, with resolution here likely to be defining for its trend against the British Pound.

US Dollar Price Action Setups: Q4 Preview

2018/9/27 23:05 Source
The Dollar put in a rip ahead of Quarter-End, but the big question is whether it can remain. In this webinar, we look at a number of prominent themes for the final quarter of 2018.

US Dollar, Yen Aim Higher as EU Politics Help Spoil Market Mood

2018/9/27 11:05 Source
The US Dollar and the Japanese Yen may continue to rise as political jitters in Italy and Sweden compound post-FOMC risk aversion across financial markets.

EURUSD Rattled by Italian Budget Fears and Fin Min Resignation Worry

2018/9/27 11:05 Source
EURUSD trades back below 1.1700 in early trade as news that the Italian budget may be delayed circulates around the market. Added to this Italian Fin Min Tria is rumoured to be considering his position if negotiations fail.

Preview for September FOMC Meeting and Outlook for US Dollar

2018/9/26 16:05 Source
The Federal Reserve will definitely issue a 25-bps rate hike today, but that much is already priced in for the US Dollar.

US Dollar May Celebrate Even a Status Quo Fed Policy Stance

2018/9/26 11:05 Source
The US Dollar may find scope for gains even if the Federal Reserve delivers a status quo announcement as policy divergence retakes the spotlight from sentiment trends.

Brexit Latest Boosts GBP/USD, Reversal Still a Threat. NZD Falls

2018/9/26 03:05 Source
Rising support for a vote on a final Brexit deal boosts GBP/USD but risk of reversing near-term gains still prominent. NZD/USD prices sink on record trade deficit ahead of RBNZ rate.

FX Setups for the Week of September 24, 2018: Into Quarter-End

2018/9/24 18:05 Source
It's been a busy Q3 of volatility and the quarter is almost finished. Will USD bears be able to push into the Q4 open? We look at four FX Setups as we close out the third quarter.

Weekly Fundamental Forecast: Trade War Fears Cool, Equities Rally, Brexit Talks Deteriorate for Next Week

2018/9/23 21:05 Source
The primary fundamental drivers of the past months have taken a notable change in course or have otherwise withdrawn their influence over the broader markets. Is this renewed risk appetite and discounted range of threats a dependable course for the financial system and speculators?

AUD/USD Eyes Key February Trend Line as EUR/AUD Prolongs Reversal

2018/9/21 23:06 Source
Multiple bullish signs hint AUD/USD prices will reach the defining February descending trend line which is a critical turning point. EUR/AUD prices risk prolonging their bearish reversal.

GBP/USD: Cable Crushed as Brexit Talks Go Awry, FOMC on Deck

2018/9/21 18:05 Source
A big week across the FX space is looking to finish in a big way after an outsized reversal has shown in the British Pound. A busy economic calendar awaits for the final week of Q3.

GBPUSD Price Rallies Despite Negative Brexit Overtones

2018/9/20 13:05 Source
Sterling continues to press ahead despite negative Brexit chatter coming out of Salzburg, as financial markets continue to believe that the EU and UK will eventually seal a deal.

How Will Brazil’s Election Impact Financial Markets?

2018/9/20 10:05 Source
Uncertainty surrounding Brazil's upcoming elections may push emerging market assets down further as trade wars worsen and the US Dollar strengthens.

FTSE Technical Outlook – Slowly Finding its Footing, Levels & Lines to Watch

2018/9/19 11:05 Source
The FTSE continues to gain traction as the recovery from last week tries to pick up momentum, but overall price action remains uninspiring.

EUR/USD Technical Analysis: Euro Topping Near 1.17 Figure?

2018/9/18 04:05 Source
The Euro may finally be ready to resume the down trend against the US Dollar after nearly a month of indecision at resistance in play since mid-June.

US Dollar, Yen May Rise as Trade War Worries Sour Market Mood

2018/9/17 10:05 Source
The US Dollar and the Japanese Yen may rise as worries about trade war escalation between the US and China sour the mood across global financial markets.

Gold Prices May Find Near-Term Support But Lasting Gains Unlikely

2018/9/17 08:05 Source
Gold prices may find a bit of support as a sour market mood weighs on bond yields but lasting gains appear unlikely as Fed rate hike expectations continue to build.

Weekly Fundamental Forecast: A Week Ending Trade War Salvo Leaves Distinct Unease for Next Week’s Trading

2018/9/16 21:05 Source
Sentiment was just starting to find its balance this past week when another US-China trade war headline involving the US President hit the wires. Will this theme return to prominence next week or will we fall back on scheduled event risk?

S&P 500 Maintains Solid Trend, Can the DAX and FTSE Follow Higher?

2018/9/16 18:05 Source
U.S. stocks continue to look poised for higher prices, can the DAX and FTSE find their footing and feed of strength in the world’s largest stock market?

Equities Forecast for Dow, S&P 500, DAX, FTSE and Nikkei

2018/9/15 22:06 Source
European equities finally found a bit of support as US equities pulled back to close the week. Global stocks appear to be lining up for an interesting Q4 around-the-world.

Identifying the Top Fundamental Drivers for Dollar, Pound, Gold and Treasuries

2018/9/12 08:05 Source
Fundamentals can seem overwhelming, but identifying and isolating the key driver behind a currnecy or capital can help refine our evaluations and establish the potential for follow through.

US Trade Wars Put Global Economic Growth, Market Stability at Risk

2018/9/12 04:05 Source
The rise of US economic nationalism has triggered trade wars among the world’s top economies that threaten to derail global growth and financial market stability.

Weekly CoT Sentiment Update for Major FX, Commodities, and Indices

2018/9/10 14:05 Source
The most recently released report didn't show any major shifts in market positioning, but we did finally see dollar traders take a break from adding to long exposure.

Weekly Fundamental Forecast: The Week Ends with Raised Trade War Threats from Trump, ECB and BoE Rate Decisions Ahead

2018/9/09 21:05 Source
Fundamental traders are finding it difficult to determine exactly what to keep tabs on for generating volatility in the markets. Is the escalation of the US-led trade war with another $267 billion tariff threat on China and not-so-subtle threat to pull Japan in more market-moving than scheduled events like the ECB and BoE rate decisions?

President Trump Raises the Trade War Stakes, Wind Up for Pound, Loonie, Gold

2018/9/08 06:05 Source
Rather than a quiet end to the week, FX and capital markets were dealt further trade war leverage when President Trump threatened further escalation on China to the tune of $267 billion. Will this ensure the S&P 500’s turn? Will it finally turn the Dollar?

Equities Forecast: DAX at Critical Support, CAC 40 Hold Summer Lows For Now

2018/9/07 22:05 Source
DAX outlook weak after breach of July low, eyes on rising trendline from 2016 low to offer a mild reprieve, while the CAC 40 finds support from the summer lows for now.

DXY Index Working on Bullish Outside Engulfing Bar after NFP

2018/9/07 19:05 Source
Ongoing weakness in emerging market currencies continues to bolster demand for safe haven currencies.

US Dollar Bounces After NFP Beat; Focus Moves to ECB, BoE

2018/9/07 17:05 Source
This morning's NFP report was generally strong, and a quick run of USD strength has been met with resistance. The big question is if USD bulls can finally push the Greenback higher, or whether we're at the forefront of another wave of Dollar weakness.

US Dollar May Rise After Jobs Data on Fed Outlook, Market Turmoil

2018/9/07 10:05 Source
The US Dollar may rise after Augusts’ jobs report reinforces Fed rate hike bets and clears the way for the return of haven demand amid financial market turmoil.

Pre-NFP Price Action Setups Across the US Dollar

2018/9/06 23:06 Source
The US Dollar continues to trade around the same 95.00 level that marked the May highs. With NFP on the docket for tomorrow, we may finally see this level left behind, in one way or another.

EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: Euro Uptrend Struggling to Extend

2018/9/06 05:05 Source
The Euro is struggling to find lasting upside follow-through against the British Pound but the bounds of the near-term uptrend remain intact.

NZD/USD Technical Analysis: Long-Term Uptrend Ready to Give Way?

2018/9/05 06:05 Source
The New Zealand Dollar finds itself at a critical, trend-defining inflection point as prices test support guiding them higher for nearly 18 years.

USD, Fed Rate Hike Bets Awoken. Can Australian GDP Data Boost AUD?

2018/9/05 03:05 Source
US Dollar prices and Fed rate hike bets were awoken. Wall Street came online as the S&P 500 declined. Can AUD/USD find lasting follow-through if Australian GDP news beats expectations?

Crude Oil, Gold Prices May Edge Up as the US Dollar Backtracks

2018/9/04 08:05 Source
Crude oil and gold prices may find near-term support as softer ISM data and a narrow uptick in risk appetite weigh on the US Dollar.

Rupiah at Asia Financial Crisis Lows, Emerging Markets May Lift USD

2018/9/03 07:05 Source
Trade war fears from US and China tariffs leave emerging markets vulnerable. This could boost US Dollar prices, weakening the Indonesian Rupiah as it tests Asia Financial Crisis lows.

Weekly Technical Forecast: The Next Round of Technical Breaks May Finally Lead to Trends

2018/9/02 15:05 Source
Over the past weeks, a series of otherwise impressive technical breaks have stalled shortly after launch with liquidity and volatility capping moves before they even began. With market depth filling out, will EURUSD pick a direction and can the S&P 500 continue its climb?

US Dollar Aims Higher on Haven Demand, Yield Appeal

2018/9/01 01:05 Source
The US Dollar is poised to continue higher, finding compelling narratives to drive demand in both risk on and off trading conditions.

Dollar May Find Better Traction as Liquidity Fills Out in September

2018/8/31 23:15 Source
The Dollar saw another high profile technical break flounder this past week. The failed launch had less to do with the viability of the pattern and was more likely a byproduct of low liquidity. But, starting next week, we enter the most active trading period of the year.

Equity Forecast for Dow, S&P 500, DAX, FTSE and Nikkei

2018/8/31 22:15 Source
Global equities continue to diverge as European markets took a dip this week after US stocks set fresh highs. Meanwhile, a big setup is brewing in the Nikkei as we move towards the final four months of 2018.

Crude Oil Prices Hold Up But Gold Sinks as Risk Appetite Fizzles

2018/8/31 20:04 Source
Crude oil prices managed to hold up despite a dismal mood across global financial markets. Gold prices were not so lucky.

Franc Leads, Canadian Dollar Lags as G10 FX Rotates Amid Turmoil

2018/8/31 20:04 Source
The Swiss Franc led the way higher while the Canadian Dollar underperformed as grim financial markets rotated at risk on/off extremes.

US Dollar Primed as EUR/USD Resistance, GBP/USD Support Loom Large

2018/8/31 20:04 Source
We're fast approaching the end of what's become an eventful summer across financial markets, and the US Dollar appears poised for a big finish to the year.

FX Setups for the Week of September 3, 2018: USD at a Decision Point

2018/8/31 20:04 Source
As we head into the final month of Q3, a number of themes remain of interest across the FX space. In this article, we look at setups on either side of USD, using prevailing trends and themes in EUR/USD and GBP/USD to do the legwork.

Near-term Setups in NZD/USD, AUD/USD and EUR/USD

2018/4/23 08:37 Source
Here's an update on a few of the setups we’re tracking into the final full week of April trade.

NZD/USD Technical Analysis: Down Trend Ready to Resume?

2018/4/19 12:36 Source
The New Zealand Dollar is retreating from resistance defining the down move since late January but confirmation of a lasting down move is still absent.

Nikkei 225 Technical Analysis: Index Spikes Higher Following BOJ

2016/9/21 09:24 Source
The Nikkei 225 spiked higher to trade above the 16,500 level following the BOJ monetary policy announcement but resistance looms

China’s Market News: Chinese Premier Li Addresses on Yuan Stability

2016/9/21 02:03 Source
It appears that tightened Yuan liquidity in the offshore market has not fully eased yet, while comments from China’s Premier may give some clues for the outlook of Yuan rates.

USD/CAD SSI Shows 70 Percent Traders Net Short Day Before FOMC

2016/9/21 02:03 Source
USD/CAD Speculative Sentiment Index is currently at -2.19 indicating that only 31 percent of traders are long the pair for a significant bias before the important Fed rate decision.

EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: Forming Major Topping Pattern?

2016/9/21 02:03 Source
The Euro put in a Shooting Star candlestick on a test of resistance near the 0.86 figure against the British Pound, hinting a turn lower may be ahead.

USDOLLAR – 12000 Might be a Pivot

2016/9/20 23:42 Source

COT-Crude Speculators Pare Short Position

2016/9/20 18:43 Source
COT reports don’t indicate much in the way of big changes. Crude oil is the exception. A week after one of the biggest increases in speculative short positions ever, crude traders pared the position. Open interest remains near record levels.

BOJ Misstep Tonight Could See Japanese Yen Strengthen

2016/9/20 18:43 Source
JPY-crosses look heavy ahead of the Bank of Japan rate decision overnight.

BoJ Preview: ’Comprehensive Assessment’ to Set the Tone

2016/9/20 18:43 Source
A widely-awaited BoJ meeting is set to take place tonight, but outside of this actually taking place, few know what to really expect.

NZD/USD Trading Higher Ahead of Central Bank Bonanza

2016/9/20 14:49 Source
The NZD/USD is testing its July high ahead of today’s Dairy Auction, but with the RBNZ, BOJ and Fed ahead the pair may prove extremely volatile

AUD/USD Technical Analysis: Key Trend Line Held for Now

2016/9/20 06:27 Source
The Australian Dollar is attempting to build higher against its US counterpart after finding support at a rising trend line set from late January.

COT-Crude Speculators Pare Short Position

2016/9/19 23:44 Source
COT reports don’t indicate much in the way of big changes. Crude oil is the exception. A week after one of the biggest increases in speculative short positions ever, crude traders pared the position. Open interest remains near record levels.

Few US Data Pre-FOMC Keeps Markets on Edge

2016/9/19 15:38 Source
The USDOLLAR Index is having a tough time making a decisive break higher with a FOMC 'hold' looming around the corner.

Strong CPI Likely Not Enough To Trigger Fed Action

2016/9/19 14:36 Source
The US Dollar strengthened on a US Consumer Price Index reading higher than expected ahead of the Federal Reserve’s September meeting.

Risk Markets on Edge Ahead of FOMC, BoJ

2016/9/19 14:36 Source
Next week brings two major Central Bank announcements out of the United States and Japan, and global stocks are trading cautiously in anticipation of what might take place.

Will Canadian GDP Highlight Continued Pressure in Exports?

2016/9/19 14:36 Source
The loonie is sliding, and there is no lack of reasons to blame. In fact, this week we’ve seen new worries added to the reasons for the Canadian economy’s pending weakness similar to what we’ve seen in the Mexican Peso.

Will Wheeler Pose a Rate Cut Now or Wait Until November?

2016/9/19 14:36 Source
When the RBNZ cut the overnight cash rate in August, few probably would’ve expected what would happen next.

Dollar Climb Now in the Hands of a Heavily-Contested Fed Decision

2016/9/19 14:34 Source
The outlook for the Dollar through the coming week is both highly uncertain and a clear risk of extreme volatility. Regardless of asset, the lightning rod for investors ahead is the FOMC rate decision on Wednesday, September 21st.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Fed and BoJ Rate Decisions, Brexit Fears Carry More than Currency Risks

2016/9/19 14:34 Source
Event risk over the coming week will no doubt present a high level of volatility risk for key FX players. But, beyond the currency reactions, we will be tapping into themes essential to financial conditions.

Lack of Data Keeps Euro’s Focus on ECB Speeches, FOMC Rate Decision

2016/9/19 14:34 Source
There aren’t many meaningful data due out over the coming days, so traders’ collective attention shouldn’t be trained on the economic calendar. Instead, EUR-crosses are likely to prove highly volatile throughout the week thanks to central bank interference: there are five ECB speakers between Monday and Friday; and the Federal Reserve and Bank of Japan both meet from September 20-21.

Nikkei 225 Technical Analysis: 16,000 Support Now in Focus

2016/9/19 14:34 Source
The Nikkei 225 is nudging slightly higher after losing the 16,500 support, and continued downside pressure may target 16,000

DAX: Bouncing After Break, Turn Lower Anticipated

2016/9/19 14:34 Source
Bouncing after breakdown to end last week, shouldn't climb much higher if more to go on the downside...

GBP/USD Declines on BOE Rate Decision

2016/9/15 19:37 Source
The GBP/USD has moved to support near 1.3198 as the BOE keeps rates flat at 0.25%.

US Dollar Drops as Retail Sales Spell Doubt For Q3 GDP Expectations

2016/9/15 16:45 Source
Retail Sales disappointed for the second month in a row in Q3’16, creating doubt on expectations of strong consumer spending for this quarter.

GBP/USD Volatile as BOE Opts for Status Quo, Could Cut in November

2016/9/15 15:40 Source
The British Pound was volatile versus other majors after the BOE kept policy unchanged, reiterated cautions outlook, but now expects less slowing

BOE Hints at Rate Cut Potential; USD Finally Sees Important Data

2016/9/15 15:40 Source
GBP/JPY and GBP/USD breakdowns seem more probable now that the BOE has reminded everyone where it stands on monetary policy.

Clear Signs of Danger for US Dollar and Stocks - What to Watch Next

2016/9/15 14:27 Source
Retail traders have shifted gears on the US Dollar and the US S&P 500. Here are the key reasons we thing the Greenback and stock markets are a near a major turning point.

Impressive 2Q New Zealand GDP Report to Fuel NZD/USD Advance

2016/9/15 14:27 Source
New Zealand’s 2Q Gross Domestic Product (GDP) report may fuel a larger advance in NZD/USD especially as the pair fails to test the monthly low (0.7226).

CHF/JPY Cornered Between The 61.8% And The 50% Fibonacci Retracement

2016/9/15 12:06 Source
After Brexit, CHF/JPY failed to pose a new low. CHF/JPY getting closer to resistance inside channel line. Price action confined over the last three months between Fibonacci retracements.

EUR/JPY Technical Analysis: Ranging within Fibonacci Structure

2016/9/15 08:12 Source
EUR/JPY broke out of its prior range just to move into another range; but with the BoJ on deck for next week, how long might this new range last?

EUR/USD Breaks to New Weekly Highs

2016/9/15 06:01 Source
The EUR/USD has broken above resistance to push the pair to new weekly highs.

GBP/JPY & BoE: Weakness to Be Viewed as Opportunity

2016/9/15 06:00 Source
GBP/JPY is holding within a near-term bearish technical formation ahead of the BoE. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that matter.

USD/CHF Technical Analysis: The Range within the Range

2016/9/15 04:07 Source
Over the past six months a rather consistent range has developed in USD/CHF. But over the past four trading days, a shorter-term, choppier range has developed that traders may want to eschew in favor of the longer-term formation.

AUD/USD to Face Employment Report- Outlook Constructive Above 0.7380

2016/9/15 04:07 Source
Aussie is approaching a critical support confluence ahead of key data tonight. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that matter heading into the release.

US DOLLAR Technical Analysis: Understanding 3M LIBOR’s 7-Yr High

2016/9/15 04:03 Source
The global borrowing cost reference rate has increased 170% over the last year from 0.3151 to a 7-year high this week of 0.8557. Here’s what that could mean?

NZD/USD: Bearish Bias Intact as FX Sentiment Narrows Ahead of GDP

2016/9/14 23:00 Source
Kiwi is under pressure after breaking key support today in New York. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that matter heading into tomorrow’s GDP release.

Crude Oil Prices Fall as IEA Report Hints Glut to Continue

2016/9/14 22:40 Source
Crude oil prices fell after the International Energy Agency downgraded expectations for demand while projecting an output pickup in its monthly report.

British Pound Unlikely to Heed UK Jobless Claims Data

2016/9/14 21:28 Source
The British Pound is likely to overlook the release of UK jobless claims data considering the outcome’s limited impact on near-term BOE policy trends.

NZD/USD Technical Analysis: 3-Month Trend Support at Risk

2016/9/14 21:00 Source
The New Zealand Dollar declined against its US counterpart after the formation of a Bearish Engulfing candlestick pattern, as expected.

USD/CAD Outlook as Crude Oil Prices Hold Support, Inventories Data Ahead

2016/9/14 20:58 Source
The USD/CAD is trading near its range highs with sentiment most extreme since January, crude oil inventories in focus ahead

GBP/USD Slightly Higher on Resilient UK Employment Figures

2016/9/14 19:38 Source
The British Pound was slightly higher versus other majors after UK employment data printed mixed figures, labor market looks resilient

S&P 500 – Rare Oversold Reading, Search for Support Is On

2016/9/14 19:07 Source
S&P has yet to find firm footing, but conditions are getting ripe for a tradeable low when it does...

USDOLLAR Index Trapped in Range as YC Flattens, Fed Odds Ease

2016/9/14 19:07 Source
The USDOLLAR Index needs a driver to get out of its sideways move - data ahead of the September 21 FOMC meeting may provide a spark.

Retail AUD/USD Positioning Shifts- Outlook Turns Increasing Bearish

2016/9/14 18:47 Source
The broader outlook for AUD/USD is turning increasingly bearish as it fails to preserve the upward trend carried over from May, with the pair carving a near-term top.

Risk Starts Week Lower as USD, JPY Gain Traction

2016/9/14 11:02 Source
There are three Fed speakers on the calendar today, but you only need to pay attention to one of them.

Webinar: FX Majors In the Crosshairs as Seasonals Turn Against USD

2016/9/14 09:48 Source
Webinar highlighting featured setups we’re tracking on SB Trade Desk. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that matter this week.

GBP/USD Risks Larger Recovery Ahead of BoE Meeting on Sticky UK CPI

2016/9/14 09:48 Source
Signs of sticky UK inflation may encourage a larger recover in GBP/USD as the BoE remains reluctant to implement a zero-interest rate policy (ZIRP).

China’s Market News: PBOC Unleashes New Credit Tool to Curb Leverage

2016/9/14 09:48 Source
China’s Central Bank inquired the demand for 28-day reverse repos on Monday after a seven-month hiatus, a move that is more than to add liquidity.

GBP/USD: Constructive Above 1.3155- Buy the Dip Setup into UK CPI

2016/9/14 09:48 Source
Cable remains within a bullish technical formation heading into UK data tomorrow. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that matter heading into the release.

COT-Biggest Change in Crude Positioning in 8 Years

2016/9/14 09:48 Source
The 1 week change in aggregated commercial and speculative crude oil positions was the largest since January 2008. The extreme warns of a price low.

USD/JPY Brushes Off BSI Data as Fed Rate Hike Bets Remain Focus

2016/9/14 09:48 Source
The Yen showed a tepid reaction against the US Dollar as recent dovish Fed commentary appeared to overshadow improved Japanese business surveys.

Crude Oil Eyes API Data After Selloff Stalls on OPEC Deal Hopes

2016/9/14 09:48 Source
Crude oil prices bounced after dipping back below the $45/barrel figure as OPEC stoked hopes that an output freeze deal will emerge from a meeting in Algiers this month.

Firming U.K. Consumer Price Index (CPI) to Fuel GBP/USD Recovery

2016/9/14 09:48 Source
A marked pickup in U.K. inflation may fuel the near-term recover in GBP/USD as the BoE appears to be in no rush to further embark on its easing cycle.

Pound May Ignore UK CPI Data as Euro Falls on German ZEW Miss

2016/9/14 09:48 Source
The British Pound may ignore an uptick in UK CPI while the Euro may decline if Germany’s ZEW survey of analyst confidence falls short of expectations.

AUD/USD Technical Analysis: Aussie Rejected at 0.77 Figure

2016/9/14 09:48 Source
The Australian Dollar faltered at familiar resistance near 0.77 against its US counterpart having rebounded as expected after forming a Morning Star candlestick pattern.

GBP/USD Down, But Quickly Recovers After UK August CPI Miss

2016/9/14 09:48 Source
The British Pound was little changed versus other majors after an initial drop following today's lower than expected inflation figures

EUR/USD Unfazed by Slight Increase in Euro-Zone ZEW Survey

2016/9/14 08:56 Source
The Euro was little changed versus other majors after the Euro-Zone ZEW Survey rose slightly in September

Gold Prices Fail To Mount Significant Rebound

2016/9/14 06:01 Source
Monday’s rebound in Gold prices appears short lived, as Gold moves back towards values of support.

It’s Not Panic if You’re the First One Out the Door

2016/9/14 01:37 Source
Since the Global Financial Collapse equity markets around the world have been supported by loose and fast monetary policy. But what happens when policy shifts and Central Banks are no longer supporting those risk markets?

Monday’s Range in Dow Jones Industrial Average Defines the Trend

2016/9/13 20:56 Source
It has been a wild two days for Dow Jones Industrial Average. After falling 2.2% on Friday, prices pivoted and increased 297 points from Monday's open to close.

Persistent Net-Long USD/JPY Positioning Instills Bearish Outlook

2016/9/13 19:12 Source
Even though open interest narrows ahead of the key U.S. data prints, retail position appears to be getting stretched again as 74% of traders are long USD/JPY.

Crude Oil Price Forecast: IEA Supply Surplus Weighs on Crude

2016/9/13 19:10 Source
WTI Crude Oil (CFD: US Oil) Has Continued To Struggle Below Well-Defined Resistance As a New IEA Report States The Market With Taking Longer to Rebalance Than Forecasted.

Euro Weakness May be Forthcoming as ECB Signals More Easing to Come

2016/9/12 05:33 Source
ECB President Mario Draghi made clear at the press conference on Thursday that a number of steps will be taken to determine if it’s necessary to tweak the QE program. Newsflash: it’s already necessary. Mark your calendar for a rate cut by December.

Markets Close on Extreme Volatility with Dollar, Yen and Gold Transfixed

2016/9/11 01:38 Source
A tumble in capital markets and rise in the Dollar to close this past week has set traders' fear and speculation alight. Is a seismic market move underway or is this nervous energy after a long bout of quiet?

Technical Weekly: EUR/USD Consolidation is Longest in its History

2016/9/10 15:25 Source
How much stored potential energy is there in EUR/USD right now? The most ever, according to one measure.

What Kind of Dollar Rally Arises from ’Hike of Necessity’, Full Risk Off?

2016/9/10 13:13 Source
The Dollar – like most other markets’ benchmarks – has caught a glimpse of volatility after the seasonal transition, but still trades in a broader range.

British Pound Teeters but isn’t done Rallying Just Yet

2016/9/10 12:42 Source
The British Pound matched its highest levels since the UK Referendum on the heels of strong industry survey data, but a late-week US Dollar recovery meant the GBP/USD finished lower for the first week in three.

USD/JPY Short-Term Recovery to Gain on Upbeat US Data, Hawkish Fed

2016/9/10 06:14 Source
The key developments coming out of the U.S. economy may drive USD/JPY higher next week as Federal Reserve officials talk up bets for a 2016 rate-hike, while the Bank of Japan (BoJ) remains under pressure to further embark on its easing cycle as the central bank prepares its ‘comprehensive assessment’ of the economy.

Gold Seasonality Favors Higher Prices- US CPI, Fed Speak in Focus

2016/9/10 05:42 Source
Gold price are marginally firmer this week with the precious metal up 0.43% to trade at 1331 ahead of the New York close on Friday.

USD/CNH Eyes Upper Bounds on Fed Hike Odds

2016/9/10 05:10 Source
The volatility in Yuan rates elevated this week: the USD/CNH broke the support of 6.6832 that was held last week and found new support around 6.6650.

Australian Dollar May Suffer Deeper Losses on Fed Rate Hike Bets

2016/9/10 04:38 Source
The Australian Dollar may suffer deeper losses as swirling Fed rate hike speculation undermines the relative appeal of the yield-sensitive currency.

USD/CAD Trades Higher Despite Jobs Growth Picking Up in Canada

2016/9/09 21:22 Source
A pick up in hiring may reinforce sentiment that the Canadian economy is due to rebound in the second half, after low energy prices and natural disasters wreaked havoc in early-2016.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Falls Towards Key Level 18,295

2016/9/09 21:18 Source
Fed rate hike expectations remain stuck at last week's levels. DJIA price range remains stuck above 18,295.

USD/JPY Bullish Pattern Persists as Japan Officials Favor BoJ-Easing

2016/9/09 20:50 Source
USD/JPY may continue to grind higher ahead of the BoJ’s September interest-rate decision as Japanese officials call for additional monetary support.

Gold Prices May Retreat as Fed Officials Stoke Rate Hike Bets

2016/9/09 15:40 Source
Gold prices may retreat after testing chart resistance as hawkish comments from Federal Reserve officials rekindle interest rate hike speculation.

ASX 200 Technical Analysis: 5,300 in Focus as Buyers Lose Support

2016/9/09 15:38 Source
The ASX 200 lost the 5,380 support to reenter a longer term range area which might shift focus to 5,300

USD/CNH Technical Analysis: Tug of War Below 6.7000

2016/9/09 15:37 Source
The USD/CNH has found short term support to mount what appears to be another attempt at 6.7

US Dollar May Rise as Fed-Speak Fuels Rate Hike Speculation

2016/9/09 15:35 Source
The US Dollar may rise against its major currency counterparts as hawkish comments from Fed officials stoke near-term interest rate hike speculation.

Rosy Canada Employment Report to Curb USD/CAD Rebound

2016/9/09 15:35 Source
A marked rebound in Canada Employment may undermine the near-term rebound in USD/CAD as it casts improved outlook for growth and inflation.

GBP/USD Little Changed as UK Trade Deficit Narrowed Post-Referendum

2016/9/09 15:35 Source
The British Pound was little changed versus other majors after today’s trade balance data, as UK’s deficit narrowed in July

WTI Crude Oil Price Forecast: Prepare for Next Weeks Breakout Now

2016/9/09 15:00 Source
Crude Oil Prices have closed lower after putting in a new weekly high at $47.71. Traders may use this value to plan for the markets next breakout.

Crude Oil Prices Rally as US Inventories Show Biggest Drop in 15 Years

2016/9/09 07:02 Source
Crude oil prices spiked approximately 2.3 percent this morning following reports of the largest recorded single-week drop in US inventories since the first week of 1999.

Silver Prices: Confluence of Resistance Turns into Lone Levels of Support

2016/9/09 03:55 Source
Silver takes out resistance, looking for a hold of support levels and dollar weakness as a potential tailwind.

Low Bar Set by ECB - EUR Inching Higher as USD Sets Fresh Lows

2016/9/09 03:55 Source
Low expectations are the key to happiness - will the ECB please markets today?

Euro Takes A Wild Ride As ECB Keeps Interest Rates Unchanged

2016/9/09 03:51 Source
The European Central Bank (ECB) kept its interest rate unchanged at its September meeting but suggested a long term accommodative outlook.

Is the U.S. Dollar Done Until December?

2016/9/09 03:51 Source
Probably not. More likely, we're going to see continued volatility as driven by random, offbeat Fed commentary in media interviews and off-the-cuff commentary.

Euro Outlook Remains Cautiously Bullish until this Changes

2016/9/09 03:51 Source
Retail FX traders have sold aggressively into the recent Euro rally versus the US Dollar, and our positioning data shows traders are now at their most net-short EUR/USD since it last traded above $1.13 through mid-August.

USD/CAD Rebound Vulnerable to Canada Employment- Key Support 1.2832

2016/9/09 03:51 Source
USDCAD has responded to near-term support ahead of tomorrow’s employment report. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that matter heading into the release.

NZD/USD 2016 Rally at Risk Sub-7500 as Sentiment Stretches

2016/9/09 01:47 Source
Kiwi has responded to a critical resistance range, shifting our near-term focus lower. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that matter.

USD/JPY 3 Month Trendline Serves as the Pivot

2016/9/09 01:32 Source

EUR/USD Technical Analysis: Will Euro Bounce See Follow-Through?

2016/9/08 18:50 Source
The Euro moved higher against the US Dollar as expected following the appearance of a bullish Morning Star candlestick pattern.

Crude Oil, Gold Prices Look to Fed Rate Hike Bets for Direction

2016/9/08 18:38 Source
Crude oil and gold prices are looking to the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book survey for direction as bets on rate hike timing remain in focus for financial markets.

Pound May Rise as BOE Officials Downplay Need for More Easing

2016/9/08 13:52 Source
The British Pound may rise if BOE officials including Governor Carney downplay the need for further near-term easing in testimony before a parliamentary committee.

USD/CAD Short Term Levels Ahead of BOC Rate Decision

2016/9/08 13:52 Source
The USD/CAD plunge is seeing a slight halt above 1.28 and we look ahead for the BOC rate decision as the main event risk on the docket

FTSE 100 Technical Outlook: Looking for Turn Off Slope Support

2016/9/08 12:54 Source
The UK index has retreated into support, likely spot to see buyers show up.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Isn’t Motivated

2016/9/08 09:45 Source
Friday's strength in DJIA has failed to follow through higher. A correction of time and/or price may continue with sideways and potentially lower trade over the next few days.

GBP/USD Volatility Rises as BOE Policymakers Speak on UK Post-Brexit Vote

2016/9/08 09:43 Source
BOE Governor Mark Carney took the podium to clarify recent developments in the UK economy post-Brexit vote.

USD/CAD Jumps as BOC Signals Dovish Shift amid Weaker Growth

2016/9/08 09:42 Source
The Bank of Canada subtly opened the door for more easing today, knocking the Canadian Dollar.

USD/CAD Eyes Top of Near-Term Range Following Dovish BoC

2016/9/08 09:37 Source
USD/CAD may move back towards the top of its recent range as the Bank of Canada (BoC) adopts a dovish outlook for monetary policy.

USD/CAD Technical Analysis: CAD Drops As BoC Highlights Risks

2016/9/08 07:22 Source
USD/CAD Has Moved Into Resistance, But The Overall Defensive Nature of USD This Week Makes Long Positions Risky.

GBP/JPY Technical Analysis: Testing Channel, Fibonacci Support

2016/9/08 06:34 Source
After staging a 975-pip bull-run, GBP/JPY has retraced 300+ to move down to a confluent zone of Fibonacci and trend-channel support.

EUR/JPY Technical Analysis: Support at Old Resistance Ahead of ECB

2016/9/08 03:43 Source
EUR/JPY stayed in a relatively consistent range throughout much of August, and after giving way to a top-side break, we can now see old resistance showing up as fresh support.

Crude Oil Price Forecast: Next Breakout Likely Depends on Algiers

2016/9/08 01:41 Source
WTI Crude Oil (CFD: US Oil) Has Steadied This Week Thanks In Large Part To A Weaker US Dollar And A Possible Russia-Saudi Pact That May Influence At Algiers.

EUR/USD ECB Setup- Outlook Remains Constructive Above 1.1140

2016/9/08 01:08 Source
EURUSD is eyeing near-term resistance heading into the ECB tomorrow. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that matter heading into the release.

Gold Prices Pose a Bullish Run, but Set a Lower-High

2016/9/08 00:34 Source
Gold prices caught a major bid after Non-Farm Payrolls and then again on the release of ISM. But is the Fed ready to relent from rate hike plans just yet?

USD/CHF Technical Analysis: Slammed Down to Support

2016/9/08 00:32 Source
The U.S. Dollar has been on a rollercoaster and the Swissy has been along for the ride. But the pair continues to work within the confines of established Fibonacci levels, and this can provide ammunition for strategy moving forward.

Crude Oil Prices Decline on Disappointing ISM Data

2016/9/07 16:50 Source
The Price of Crude Oil continues to slide as US ISM Data misses expectations.

China’s Market News: Yuan Near Key Resistance After G-20 Ends

2016/9/07 15:53 Source
After the G-20 meetings ended over the past weekend, speculation on Yuan rates appear to rise once again.

NZD/USD 2012 Low Looms as a Test at .7455

2016/9/07 14:37 Source

USD/CAD Erases post-Jackson Hole Rally

2016/9/07 12:26 Source

US DOLLAR Technical Analysis: NFP Stung, ISM Miss Hurts USD Bulls

2016/9/07 12:21 Source
USD has a week to convince Bulls its worth buying as Fed Speakers are lining up ahead of the pre-FOMC blackout period.

Australian Dollar Little-Changed After 2Q GDP Data

2016/9/07 12:18 Source
The Australian Dollar was little-changed after second-quarter GDP figures offered little guidance for future Reserve Bank of Australia interest rate moves.

AUD/USD Technical Analysis: Aussie Sets Sights on August Top

2016/9/07 12:09 Source
The Australian Dollar launched higher against its US namesake as expectedafter prices put in a bullish Morning Star candlestick pattern.

Don’t Dismiss USD/JPY Lower as Memories of 2003 ’VaR Shock’ Arise

2016/9/06 20:06 Source
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a SpaceX, it's JGBs climbing to their highest levels in six months! The implications for the Japanese Yen are significant.

USD Gives Back Friday’s Gains: ECB Headlines This Week’s FX Calendar

2016/9/06 20:06 Source
Friday saw chaotic price action in the US Dollar around the release of Non-Farm Payrolls. But that move higher has continually been faded out of markets and we're basically back where we started.

USD/JPY Tanks as ISM Misses by Most Since November 2008

2016/9/06 19:40 Source
This was the worst headline survey reading since February 2010.

Does a Return to Liquidity Mean a Return to Volatility?

2016/9/06 13:50 Source
Will the passing of holiday liquidity charge a long overdue rebound in global market volatility or is the curb on activity too deep to cover?

AUD/USD Unfazed as RBA Opts to Keep Policy at Status Quo

2016/9/06 13:35 Source
The Australian Dollar was little changed versus other majors as the RBA kept the cash rate at 1.5%, Aussie gained most in a month ahead of the event

USD/CHF Slightly Lower as Swiss 2Q GDP Data Beats Expectations

2016/9/06 13:07 Source
The Swiss Franc traded slightly higher versus other major currencies after Swiss GDP figures came well above expectations

US Dollar Looks to Services ISM to Guide Fed Rate Hike Speculation

2016/9/06 13:06 Source
The US Dollar is looking to the service-sector ISM survey to guide Fed rate hike speculation after last week’s payrolls data delivered conflicting cues.

NZD/USD Technical Analysis: 2-Month Resistance Under Fire

2016/9/06 12:59 Source
The New Zealand Dollar has mounted another challenge of powerful resistance capping gains below the 0.74 figure against the greenback since late June.

AUD/USD Short Term Outlook Heading Into RBA Rate Decision

2016/9/06 00:15 Source
The AUD/USD is trading higher to start the new trading week and the RBA rate decision is on tap for the Asian session ahead

September Forex Seasonality Favors USD Weakness, European FX Strength

2016/9/06 00:13 Source
Twenty-year seasonality trends bode poorly for the US Dollar, in which September has resulted in the fourth-worst month of the year for the greenback. EUR/USD and GBP/USD could see small gains this month, if seasonal trends are followed.

British Pound May Rise on UK PMIs, US Dollar on the Defensive

2016/9/05 13:49 Source
The British Pound may rise as upbeat PMI data continues to weigh on BOE stimulus expansion bets. The US Dollar is on the defensive as markets digest Augusts’ jobs data.

ASX 200 Technical Analysis: Index Finds Support at 5,380

2016/9/05 12:36 Source
The ASX 200 sell-off came to a halt as the index found support, potentially hinting that the downside move might have been corrective

GBP/USD Higher as UK Markit Services PMI Posts Largest Gain on Record

2016/9/05 12:34 Source
The British Pound soared versus all other majors as Markit Services PMI printed the largest gain in the survey’s record

Crude Oil Snaps Losing Streak as Russia Backs Output Freeze

2016/9/05 06:17 Source
Crude oil prices snapped a five-day losing streak after Russian President Vladimir Putin said he supports an output freeze deal coordinated with OPEC producers.

All Eyes on ECB: Extension of QE, or just More Wait-and-See?

2016/9/03 08:17 Source
The European economy continues to flail, that much can be widely agreed upon without further debate. Unemployment throughout the bloc remains stubbornly above the 10% threshold, and this week, more evidence contributed to the mounting case that the March ‘bazooka’ of stimulus triggered by the ECB has yet to show any additional signs of promise for the European economy.

Yen Becomes Defensive As Central Banks Expected To Act Soon

2016/9/03 08:17 Source
The Japanese Yen finished last week lower against the majority of G10 FX as traders anticipate the dual Central Bank meeting of Federal Reserve and the BoJ on September.

Yuan Volatility Elevates on G-20, Heavy Data

2016/9/03 08:17 Source
The USD/CNH held above 6.6832 as support despite a weaker-than-expected U.S. August Non-Farm Payrolls print released on Friday. In terms of the upper band, the pair touched 6.7026 on Monday, the highest level in over a month, but failed to hold above the key resistance of 6.7000.

Gold Prices to Face Central Bank Volatility as Sentiment Stretches

2016/9/03 08:17 Source
Gold prices softer this week with the precious metal off 0.17% to trade at 1318 ahead of the New York close on Friday. Heading into the holiday weekend the near-term risk remains for further losses before making a more significant low in early September trade.

Aussie to Stage Larger Recovery on Wait-and-See RBA, Strong 2Q GDP

2016/9/03 08:16 Source
The near-term series of higher highs & lows in AUD/USD may gather pace next week as the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is widely anticipated to retain its current policy in September, while the regions 2Q Gross Domestic Product (GDP) report is projected to highlight the fastest pace of growth since 2012.

CAC 40 Breaks above 4,500

2016/9/02 22:06 Source
The CAC 40 has broken critical resistance to close the week at new highs.

S&P 500: Converging Trend-lines Offer Traders Short-term Reference

2016/9/02 19:36 Source
Upper and lower sloping lines present spots from which traders can operate off of as support and resistance.

Preview for August NFPs and Implications for USD-pairs

2016/9/02 19:24 Source
Any given NFP print can be overhyped, but today's in particular has significant consequences for a potential September rate hike.

US Dollar Tanks as August NFPs Miss, Unemployment Rate Holds Steady

2016/9/02 19:14 Source
Jobs growth slowed, perhaps enough to put the idea of a September rate hike to bed. But December? That’s still very much on the table.

Emerging Currencies Won Market Share as FX Volumes Fell, Says BIS

2016/9/02 13:00 Source
Emerging market currencies won greater market share at the expense of the Euro, Yen and Aussie Dollar while overall FX turnover fell according to the Bank of International Settlements.

EUR/USD Technical Analysis: Euro Rebound in the Works?

2016/9/02 12:27 Source
The Euro is attempting to carve out an interim bottom against the US Dollar having declined as expected following the appearance of a bearish Harami candlestick.

AUD/USD Technical Analysis: Aussie May Bounce From 1-Month Low

2016/9/02 12:24 Source
The Australian Dollar may be preparing for a rebound against its US counterpart but overall positioning continues to favor a bearish bias.

EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: Two-Month Uptrend Broken

2016/9/02 12:24 Source
The Euro fell to a one-month low against the British Pound having established a top with the formation of a bearish Dark Cloud Cover candlestick pattern as expected.

Gold Prices Remain Supported Ahead of NFP

2016/9/02 04:03 Source
The price of Gold has held above $1,300 going into tomorrow’s NFP jobs report.

USD/JPY Continues to Carve Near-Term Bullish Pattern Ahead of NFP

2016/9/02 04:01 Source
USD/JPY may extend the advance from the end of August as the pair carves a series of higher highs & lows ahead of the U.S. Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) report.

USD/CAD Technical Analysis: Macro-Environment Favors Upside

2016/9/02 04:00 Source
USD/CAD Has Begun To Turn Higher. Now, Focus Turns to NFP & The Struggling Canadian Economy.

China’s Market News: Widened Yuan Spread, Mixed PMI Prints

2016/9/02 03:47 Source
Discrepancy is seen between onshore and offshore Yuan rates, as well as official and Caixin PMI reads.

USD/JPY: NFP Gameplan Same as Jackson Hole- Buy the Washout

2016/9/02 03:10 Source
USDJPY is at resistance heading into tomorrow’s non-farm payrolls release. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that matter heading into the release.

NZD/USD – Use .7162 as the Pivot

2016/9/02 02:51 Source

Will NFP Motivate or Obliterate the U.S. Dollar?

2016/9/01 20:27 Source
U.S. rate expectations have continued to run higher after last Friday's batch of Fed speeches at the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium; but with NFP coming out tomorrow, we can see this theme hasten or reverse very quickly.

Signs of Danger - Has Euro Trend Turned?

2016/9/01 20:27 Source
Retail FX traders remain net-short the Euro versus the US Dollar, and a contrarian view of ‘crowd’ sentiment broadly points to EUR/USD gains. Yet we have seen a noteworthy shift since last week; total open short positions have fallen by approximately 25 percent while long positions are up the same amount.

US S&P 500 Looks at Danger of Turnaround

2016/9/01 20:26 Source
US S&P 500– Retail CFD traders remain extremely net-short the SPX500, which tracks the fair value of the S&P E-mini futures contract, and a contrarian view of ‘crowd’ sentiment has kept us firmly bullish.

US Dollar Could be on the Brink of a Larger Turn Higher

2016/9/01 20:26 Source
Retail forex sentiment warns that the US Dollar trend may be turning—particularly in the Euro, Japanese Yen, and versus Gold prices. Here are the warning signs.

WTI Crude Oil Price Forecast: How The 11%+ Drop Could Be Bullish

2016/9/01 20:21 Source
WTI Crude Oil (CFD: US Oil) Traded At Three Week Lows After Wednesday’s DoE Data, Which may make the Algiers OPEC meeting more important than expected.

AUD/USD Unispired After China PMI Data, US Jobs Report Looms

2016/9/01 15:40 Source
The Australian Dollar showed a mild reaction after better-than-expected Chinese Manufacturing PMI data crossed the wires as U.S. employment figures remain the focus in the near term.

British Pound May Rise if Upbeat PMI Cools BOE Easing Speculation

2016/9/01 15:40 Source
The British Pound may rise if Augusts’ Manufacturing PMI data tops economists’ forecast, cooling speculation about a further expansion of BOE stimulus efforts.

GBP/USD Short Term View Ahead of UK and US PMIs

2016/9/01 15:40 Source
The GBP/USD is trading around 1.3150 as we approach Friday’s NFPs with UK and US PMI data in focus ahead

GBP/USD Surges as UK Markit Manufacturing PMI hits Ten-Month High

2016/9/01 15:40 Source
The British Pound soared versus all other majors as Markit Manufacturing PMI printed the joint largest rise in the survey’s history

Dismal ISM Manufacturing to Stoke Larger EUR/USD Recovery

2016/9/01 15:40 Source
A marked downtick in the ISM Manufacturing survey may spark a larger recovery in EUR/USD as it raises the Fed’s scope to further delay its normalization cycle.

S&P 500: Summer Doldrums Persist, Looking to NFP as Source of Volatility

2016/9/01 15:40 Source
Summer lull making trading difficult, but high impact events can still offer opportunity.

CAC 40 Continues Consolidation With an Ascending Triangle

2016/9/01 15:40 Source
After braking from its 10 day range, the CAC 40 now trades in a broader triangle.

Gold Prices Hit Two-Month Low as US Dollar Gains on Fed Outlook

2016/9/01 10:59 Source
Gold prices sank to a two-month low as the US Dollar surged following hawkish comments from Federal Reserve Vice Chair Stanley Fischer.

Nikkei 225 Technical Analysis: Index Approaching Key Resistance

2016/9/01 10:58 Source
The Nikkei 225 is trading higher for the fourth consecutive day as price approaches the 17,000 resistance area which proved key in the past

ASX 200 Technical Analysis: Index Trading At a Crucial Support Area

2016/9/01 10:57 Source
The ASX 200 is trading around May highs after losing ground, and a hold at current levels seems key going forward

USD/CAD to Extend Bullish Pattern on Dismal Canada GDP Report

2016/9/01 10:57 Source
A sharp contraction in Canada 2Q GDP may fuel the near-term advance in USD/CAD as it puts pressure on the BoC to further support the real economy.

EUR/USD Unfazed by German Jobs Report, Euro-Zone CPI Data Ahead

2016/9/01 10:57 Source
The Euro was little changed versus other majors after today’s German Employment data printed better than expected figures

USD/CAD Levels to Watch Ahead of Canada GDP, Crude Oil Inventories

2016/9/01 10:56 Source
The USD/CAD is trading around 1.31 as the US Dollar continues to strengthen, and the event risk ahead puts the pair in focus

USDOLLAR at Key Resistance; Euro Hurt by Slipping Inflation Data

2016/9/01 10:56 Source
The US Dollar has been on a nice little run, but today's data could easily shake confidence ahead of Friday's NFP report.

US Dollar Eyes NFPs on Friday Following ’Goldilocks’ ADP Report

2016/9/01 10:55 Source
Beating expectations by just +2K, the August US ADP Employment report was ‘just right.’

Gold Prices Sink to Deeper Support, is More Pain to Follow?

2016/9/01 10:54 Source
Gold prices have been on a rollercoaster this year, but that ride has had a bullish bias with more than 20% worth of gains the year. But with the Fed now talking up higher rates, how much deeper might prices fall?

Dow Jones Industrial Average Awaits Friday’s Jobs Report

2016/9/01 10:49 Source
Dow Jones Industrial Average volatility is reaching multi-year lows. Volatility as measured through the average true range (ATR) is at their lowest levels since December 2014.

USD/CAD Eyes Topside Hurdles Following Dismal Canada GDP Report

2016/9/01 10:10 Source
USD/CAD may continue to take out the topside targets following the dismal GDP report as the pair carves a near-term series of higher highs & lows.

US DOLLAR Technical Analysis: Fed Tempts Dollar Bulls To Bite

2016/9/01 10:07 Source
After FOMC Vice Chair Stanley Fischer said two hikes are possible in 2016, data has been strong leading to NFP, and USD is set for largest bullish move since the Brexit.

GBP/JPY Technical Analysis: Bullish Channel Runs to Resistance

2016/9/01 08:39 Source
After the aggressive down-trend failed to set a lower-low, price action in GBP/JPY has been getting more and more bullish, as can be seen in the 650+ pip run in the upward-sloping trend-channel.

AUD/USD Searches for Support as NFPs Take Center Stage

2016/9/01 08:39 Source
A string of economic data over the next 48hrs highlights Aussie into the monthly open. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that matter heading into the release.

USD/CHF Technical Analysis: One’s Trend is Another’s Range

2016/9/01 08:19 Source
Near-term price action in Swissy has been aggressively bullish, but scrolling out on the chart will highlight a longer-term range that could become workable should USD strength recede.

China’s Market News: Yuan Weakens, While Yield Elevates

2016/9/01 06:51 Source
The PBOC continued to guide Yuan rates as well as onshore borrowing rates.

USD/JPY Technical Analysis: Are The Bulls Ready To Rumble?

2016/9/01 05:54 Source
USD/JPY has moved aggressively higher on twin fears of FOMC hikes and BoJ easing. If USD/JPY clears resistance, upside targets could get hit fast.

August Almost Killed AUD/CHF

2016/9/01 05:49 Source
August represented the least volatile month so far during 2016 for AUD/CHF. Price action currently hovering above support level on symmetrical triangle. Will September test resistance levels of AUD/CHF ascending channel?

Crude Oil Drops Most in a Month as Inventories Swell

2016/9/01 05:44 Source
Crude oil prices posted the largest drawdown in a month as EIA inventories data showing a larger-than-expected swell in stockpiles overshadowed supportive OPEC commentary.

GBP/USD Unchanged As Consumer Sentiment Survey Offsets Business Slip

2016/8/31 06:58 Source
The British Pound was little changed against its US counterpart after a less gloomy post-referendum consumer confidence survey offset a slide in a business sentiment report.

USDOLLAR Wipes Out August Drop with Last 3 Days

2016/8/31 00:47 Source

USD/CAD Rally to Face Canada GDP- Support at 1.2965

2016/8/31 00:47 Source
The advance is approaching near-term resistance ahead of key data tomorrow. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that matter heading into the release.

WTI Crude Oil Price Forecast: Two Week Lows On Dollar’s Strength

2016/8/31 00:44 Source
WTI Crude Oil (CFD: US Oil) Traded At Two Week Lows Ahead of Wednesday’s DoE Data As USD Strengthens and Iran Continues Producing More Into Algiers.

EUR/USD Risks Further Losses as Shift in Retail Positioning Continues

2016/8/30 18:56 Source
EUR/USD stands at risk for further losses and may share a similar fate to back in May as retail sentiment comes off of the 2016 extreme.

Gold Price Forecast: Prices Decline to Next Support

2016/8/30 17:47 Source
Gold prices closed lower last week, but are fast approaching daily support near $1,310.71.

Gold Prices Drop as Fed Rate Hike Odds Rise

2016/8/30 17:47 Source
Recent comments by Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen has pushed gold prices lower into previously cited support. $1311-1320 may be an area of a technical price bounce.

US Dollar Posture Improves as December Rate Hike Odds Jump

2016/8/30 17:47 Source
Technical conditions have shifted rather dramatically across USD-pairs over the past week.

Crude Oil Forecast: Technical Range Continues

2016/8/30 17:47 Source
Crude Oil Prices continue to conslidate for the 5th session, after failing to breakout below critical support near $46.50.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Finds Support Post Jackson Hole

2016/8/30 17:47 Source
Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen has been talking up the possibility of a September rate hike. If this happens, logic would dictate that the hike may become a head wind for DJIA.

Sticky U.S. PCE Reinforces Hawkish Speech From Chair Yellen

2016/8/30 17:47 Source
Markets are turning their attention to Friday’s NFP report as the data prints coming out of the U.S. economy highlights sticky price growth. .

COT-Crude Speculators Buy at Fastest Pace Since May

2016/8/30 17:47 Source
Crude speculators have been buying at the fastest pace since May. Extreme speculative buying warns of near term exhaustion (a market top in this case).

Yellen Triggers Near-Term USD/JPY Breakout- Retail Sentiment Follows

2016/8/30 17:47 Source
USD/JPY retail sentiment has pulled back from 2016 extremes as the pair breaks out of a near-term bearish formation following the Fed Economic Symposium.

GBPJPY at Key Resistance Hurdle Ahead of UK Mortgages- 133.14 Support

2016/8/30 17:47 Source
The advance has come into significant Fibonacci resistance to start the week. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that matter heading into the release.

USD/CAD Crests at Trend Line and Wave Measurement Confluence

2016/8/30 17:47 Source
As the Fed talks up a more aggressive path for rate hikes, the US Dollar has strengthened in broad based fashion. We will look at a bearish and bullish Elliott Wave scenario.

Yen Little Changed as Unemployment Rate Drops to a 21-Year Low

2016/8/30 17:47 Source
The Yen showed a tepid reaction against its major counterparts as Japan’s unemployment rate fell to 3.0 percent versus 3.1 percent expected, a 21-year low.

Slowing U.K. Mortgage Applications to Stoke Larger GBP/USD Pullback

2016/8/30 17:47 Source
Another marked slowdown in U.K. Mortgage Applications may spur a larger pullback in GBP/USD as it puts pressure on the BoE to implement additional monetary support.

US Dollar Looks to Fed’s Fischer for Fuel to Resume Advance

2016/8/30 17:47 Source
The US Dollar is looking to comments from Fed Vice Chair Fischer for fuel to continue last week’s advance on the back of swelling rate hike speculation.

EUR/USD Short Term Outlook Ahead of German CPI, Fed-speak

2016/8/30 17:47 Source
The EUR/USD is trading below the 1.12 handle following the Yellen speech this past Friday as German CPI and Fischer take center stage ahead

GBP/USD Little Changed as Data Shows Credit Demand Slowed Post-Brexit

2016/8/30 17:43 Source
The British Pound was little changed versus other majors after today’s mortgage approvals data, as credit demand slows post-Brexit

Fedspeak Drives Dollar Higher, but Will FOMC Actually Hike in 2016?

2016/8/30 17:43 Source
The saga of Federal Reserve rate-hike expectations continues to drive global markets. With a recent increase in hawkishness, are markets looking at a rate hike in the near-term?