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Silver Surfing Higher, USD/TRY Spikes to Record High, GBP Jumps on BoE - US Market Open
2020/8/07 00:06
GBP rises as BoE walk back on negative rates, USD/TRY spikes to record peak, silver surfing higher
Shapes of the Recovery: The Recession Alphabet - V, U, W, J, & L
2020/8/03 18:06
As US GDP figures come into focus around the coronavirus pandemic, the financial world has been talking about a few more acronyms and abbreviations you might not know about.
British Pound (GBP) Latest: GBP/USD Pulls Back From Multi-Month High
2020/8/03 11:06
Sterling hit a multi-month against the US dollar on Friday but is now giving back some of last week’s gains as the US dollar finds a small bid.
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